Why your betting account might be limited

While betting, you might be frustrated to find out that you cannot get 토토사이트 because your account is limited. It can truly frustrate you and might cause you as a bettor to complain that the site is treating you unfairly. It is understandable why you feel that way, and it is harsh that as a recreational bettor, you suffer. 

But you have to remember an important point that bookmaking is not a service that is public. All the bookmakers, whether they are offline or online, are operating commercially providing services and taking wagers for their own benefit and not for your benefit as a bettor. 

And while the industry of bookmaking has been competitive all the time, it is even more with the advent of betting online. There are several operators making a lot of money with their margins being tight. They have to manage their businesses in an efficient way, meaning, they impose restrictions or limits when the need arises. 

When you win consistently, it might be a reason for the site for betting to limit your account. Bookmakers don’t like taking wagers from a bettor who keeps on winning. Winners who are consistent are bad for the bookmakers’ bottom line, and thus, it makes sense to restrict them for their financial gains. 

Though it might seem aggravating, it is the right of the site for betting or bookmaker to refuse doing business with you or limiting the amount that you can wager if you are concerned about having to take too much money out of them. It is fair to say that, not all sites end up restricting you when you start winning. There are other reasons that are acceptable for sites to limit you as a sports bettor.

  • Suspecting arbing
  • Suspecting abuse of bonus


It refers to the act of betting arbitrage which is hated by the bookmaker. It is all about having to place wagers on various outcome with various bookmaker to guarantee yourself a profit regardless of the outcome of the events.

The odds competitiveness by online sites for betting, in combination with the betting exchange rise which leads to an increase of arbitrage availability of betting opportunities. Arbing normally takes effective advantage of the services of bookmakers without any risk being assumed and thus, it is understandable why bookmakers don’t like it. 

Though it is not against any rule, it is normally not considered to be a way which is legitimate when it comes to betting. 

Whenever a betting site suspects that a bettor is arbing, they will restrict their account within no time. They can as well decide to close the account completely although having to limit the amount is the most common response taken. In the eyes of bookmakers, arbing is an offence.

Abuse of bonus

It is like all betting site give out a signup bonus to their new customers with most of them also offering extra bonuses to regular bettors. Most of them run extra promotions as well as offers. The promotions, bonuses, and the special offers at time open what the industry refer to as abuse.