What To Take Into Account Before Giving Business Souvenirs?

Choosing business gifts for clients is not easy since not all of them contribute to your organization and carry out their work in different sectors. Therefore, you need:

  • Know your client: know what they do, their sector, tastes, and needs. The promotional item or premium item (ของพรีเมี่ยม which is the term in Thai) that you are going to give away must be practical and pleasant for him, hence the importance of a permanent contact that allows him to discover these details so that when he receives the gift, he is pleasantly surprised. The more original it is, this gift is better for the client and your company because it will generate differentiation and greater remembrance.
  • Personalize another convenient detail when choosing souvenirs for clients is that they are related to the product or service offered by your client; Thus, the connection you generate will be much stronger and more effective.
  • Offer high quality: it is also a determining factor since souvenirs are useless for customers if, in the end, they will end up damaging faster than your customer uses them. That transmits a bad image of your organization, and it is something that you cannot afford.

Gift ideas and souvenirs for clients

  • Leather Document Holder Agenda

The agendas are souvenirs to give to clients’ par excellence, the premium and important ones for the company; they are ideal for creating lasting and strengthened links. We have the opportunity to grow mutually and contribute to achieving the objectives. It is exclusive polyester and European recovered leather design is ideal for taking it with you to rees, work with it daily, and make all the necessary notes. Imagine impacting your stakeholders with this special gift! It also comes with a metallic pen, interior pocket, and cardholder.

  • One Lexon Briefcase

An ideal item for work trips in which you can store hygiene items, underwear, socks, etc. It is very useful, and its presentation allows it to be adapted to all types of clients, whether executive or other. This travel briefcase also works as a food carrier and is made of 600D polyester; it comes with an external zippered pocket, two internal pockets, and a rubber fastener.

  • Set Of Travel Bags

These travel bags allow you to organize your belongings comfortably and stay protected and isolated from any possible risk. It is a suitcase travel organizer set; it comes with 3 bags without mesh and 3 with mesh. A gift that your customers are sure to love!