What makes IPTV Providers different from normal cable Tv?

Over the 21st century, there has been technological advancement of all computer-like devices. Smartphones have been an advancement of the button cell phones. Likewise, an iptv service is an advancement of cable TVs. This means there are additional features added to it compared to the digital cable TV.

In itself, IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This means it operates under internet infrastructure and other LANs. This modern infrastructure TV has made cable Tv to depreciate due to its benefits over them. Would you love to hang around with TVs with cables, or a wireless one? Let’s check on these three major differences in terms of compatibility, speed, and reliability.

  • Compatibility
  • Speed
  • Reliability


Compatibility means the ability of a device to be combined with another and they work without any problems. An example is a flash disk. It can be used in a laptop, some smartphones, or even a digital TV. This means the flash disk is a compatible storage device. About our topic, IPTVs are compatible. The infrastructure they operate under can be used by computers and smartphones.

The Wi-Fi which your IPTV uses can be used by your smartphone. On the other hand, cable Tv isn’t compatible. Its cables are only designed for them. That’s why HDMI cables of a desktop can hardly work in digital cable Tv.


In the transmission of data signals, speed means how your device receives and transforms the signals to be inhuman digital language. IPTV has some drawbacks here. When internet usage is at the highest peak, you have to lower the screen resolution to play movies without disruptions through the images won’t be clear, else they’ll be playing, loading, playing, and so on. This will be boring. Buffering is an unknown term in digital cable Tv.

No matter how many people are watching the Programme, the resolution and speed will remain the same. Cable Tv always provides high-quality videos and this makes a number find it difficult to adopt the current technology IPTV.


Reliability is the quality of being dependable and trustworthy. Cable Tv has been dependable since the discovery of TV. It is available in any market you’ll go and millions of people have adopted it. Its spare parts are readily available and therefore it emerges to be the most reliable tv technology. However, IPTV is just a new technology hitting the market. This means that there exist a few spare parts in case it breaks down. Its experts are also rare.

Again, internet distribution worldwide is not that evenly distributed. This makes IPTV good in some locations while in other locations, disastrous. Network breakdown has been commonly reported by IPTV users.  This is a clear observation that IPTV is not reliable.


Technological advancements are always followed by drawbacks which are different from the original one where if addressed they become the new strengths of the advancement. Though IPTV may be outrun by cable Tv in reliability, it remains to be the incoming technology which in a few years will be thriving in all TV markets. The differences exist to build strength in the advancement of TV technology.