What is the process of registering a star with your loved one’s name?

Star registration

There are a lot of stars out there in our universe. Although they are all far away from us, scientists have given them some names for research purposes. However, you can name a star after a person you want. But you will not hold any rights on the star except having a certificate that states your name on the star-name field. Your name will be registered in the star database of the registrar company website, and your name will appear in various applications for star location. You will get the latitude and longitudes of the star along with a map so that you can locate your star with the naked eye. It is the new trend to name a star after someone and gifting it to them. If you have any beloved persons awaiting a special occasion of their life, you can try naming a star after them to present to them on the day. It will help you to showcase your love for them. Also, they will remember your gift for a lifetime, as it is unique and memorable being far from other traditional gifts. It is an easy process to register a star with any of the names you wish with the help of star registrars that you can find online. In this article, let us discuss the entire process of buying and registering a star in brief.

Registering a star, the process

Finding the star registrar

If you want to register a star under someone’s name, you should require the help of a star registrar. Several star registrars will be there online providing star gifts to the customers. They will have a large inventory of stars from all constellations and of various types. You have to compare two or more registrars and their services before finalizing one. You can compare the options available and the prices.

Selecting the star

After finding out the right provider, you should choose the type of star you want your name in. There will be a database with the registrar with hundreds of stars in the universe with their origins and other details. The stars will be labeled with a star code. A star code will contain information about the right ascension, declination, magnitude, the type of constellation, brightness, and much more. So, you can use these values to choose the right type of star you want.

Naming your star

After selecting the type of star, you should provide the name you want the star to be under. Mostly, people will choose the same name as the person from whom they are buying a star. Some will keep the nickname of that person or the name of that the person likes the most. It can be a pet name also. There will be a limitation of up to 20 characters for your name.

Customization and purchase

After naming, you can customize your certificate design, digital star designs, and backgrounds, etc. Then, you can purchase the star.