What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing simply is the creation and sharing of content to implicitly promote a brand. This content can be in the form of written content or visual content. This type of content can be shared on blogs, social media platforms and websites. The latter few sentences would offer a simple and clear definition of what content marketing is. That said the whole experience of carrying on an effective content marketing plan would take a lot of hard work and effort.

Having said that there needs to be some context in terms of a timeline when it comes to this type of marketing. You see, in order to give this definition some context, there was a time when what was practiced a few decades ago has simply changed mediums. Today, it would be safe to say that printed flyers and direct mailers were the content marketing of an era that has been made almost redundant.

When it comes to a content marketing strategy that works, there is a great deal of learning that needs to be assimilated. To truly have a content marketing strategy, there needs to be a comprehensive plan that can be followed. While it would be impossible to talk at length about the various aspects of such a strategy, remember that blogging is certainly a very important part of this strategy. The above diagram would give you an indication of the effort it would take to carry out an effective strategy. While there are many tips present online, here are 4 Tips to Create Quality Blog Content CONSISTENTLY.

One of the main aspects of blogging that needs to be taken into account is the SEO function. While SEO is a separate subject altogether, remember that it is a huge component that cannot be ignored. Additionally it should be said that since we are on the topic of SEO, a commenting platform is necessary to make the user experience a seamless and intuitive task. Since keywords are indexed even in the comments if you are running a blog as part of your content marketing strategy, an infrastructure where you make it easier for your target audience to interact is key.

That said remember to consider the fact that blogging makes up just one part of a content marketing strategy. There are so many other pieces to the puzzle when it comes to doing content marketing right. However, this simple article should surely assist you in the correct path towards getting your feet wet in coming up with a content strategy for your brand.