What are the types of car accidents for which you could approach a lawyer?

You can find a Stuart car accident lawyer when you have been a victim of such an event to claim compensation. However, you should know the following types of accidents for which you can reach a lawyer.

Head on head collision

Let us assume that you are driving your car down the road in the northern direction. If the car coming towards you from the road lying ahead of you loses its control, it could slip to the same line as your car. So, the two cars would collide with each other directly and the injuries would be severe in this type of collision. Since both the front sides are colliding, it has got the name of head-on-head collision. If any of the two drivers can realize the loss of control and steer in another direction, the impact would be less. However, wearing your seat belt could help prevent your life.

Vehicle rollover

It is not a collision between two vehicles but is the rollover of a single-vehicle due to imbalanced forces acting on a particular side. Your vehicle would start to roll and you could be injured severely in this type of accident. However, the seatbelt could help you avoid fatality. Usually, heavy vehicles like SUVs would face this type of accident compared to other small cars. The causes may be any obstacles on the road and the driver’s negligence.

T-bone accident

As the name suggests, the impact of the two vehicles will be in a T-shape. For instance, let us assume that your car is either moving straight or standing at a point of the road and another vehicle comes from your side and hits straight over your doors. The resulting position would seem like a T, and the impact would be high. You could experience broken bones and injuries to your brain during this collision. Since the front portion of the crashing car would directly hit the side of the passengers, the impact would be high compared to other crashes and people could even die during this. You can try avoiding serious injuries by using seatbelts. Your vehicle will get totally damaged during this collision especially when the hitting vehicle is enormous in size.

Multiple vehicle collision

Road travel could always be messy and there are chances when a single mistake of a driver could cause damages to a lot of people who use the same route at that instant. Let us assume that the road is full of traffic and a driver could not control his vehicle when it approaches four corners when the signal is in red. Now, the other vehicles coming from the corners of the road could get collided with each other and the event will end up in a string of accidents to several vehicles. It is the event of multiple vehicle collisions and the fatalities and injuries would be more and severe in this type of accident.