What are the several types of bonuses which online casinos offer?

Bonuses are the most crucial aspects which are provided by online gambling websites. Providing bonuses is beneficial to both website and users because bonuses act as an attraction for gamblers, and the higher number of users is directly proportional to the benefits of websites. By using these bonuses, Gambler can use their fortune in gambling without risking anything. 

You should check the rules and regulation for using bonus before registration to that site. One of the powerful platforms for getting bonuses is joker 123. There are several types of compensation that are availed to the user by an online casino.

Welcome bonuses

The bonus which is provided by an online gambling site to the user just after registration is known as a welcome bonus. The amount of welcome is fixed by the casino’s site for all user. This bonus is only availed to new users. So, it is not availed to GamblerGambler, who is an old user of the website. 

The welcome bonus is small, but you can try your luck or enjoy the game with this amount. It is instantly added to your online gambling account after the complete signup process.

Deposit bonus

The amount of bonus you get after depositing money in your online casino account is known as a deposit bonus. The amount of deposit bonus is more significant than a welcome bonus. It depends on your amount of deposit. 

Commonly, many sites provide 100 to 200% of the deposit, which mean if you deposit some amount, then you will get twice or thrice of that amount. Some sites give a deposit bonus on the first deposit only, and some provide on second too.

Regular bonus

The amount of bonus provided by the websites on a daily or weekly basis is known as a regular bonus. The online casino avails it after a fixed time interval. Regular bonus can be in the form of the amount or free spin. 


The amount given by online gambling site to the old users who had lost their lot of money in the casino and didn’t have money to play more is known as cashback. The gambling site provides 5 to 10% of the lost amount to you for playing casino.

Reload bonus

Sometimes many users stop playing online gambling after using their exclusive welcome bonus and deposit bonus which he gets on his first deposit. That’s why online casinos provide many other rewards, such as delivering deposit bonuses on additional deposits along with the first deposit. This bonus is not offered in an online gambling account. It is provided through Email.

Referral bonus

The amount of bonus you will get when you invite another player through your link and completing his registration process is known as a referral bonus. The amount of referral bonus is prefixed by the website. All the casinos do not provide this bonus.


All the bonuses mentioned above are provided by the online gambling sites for reaching more and more GamblerGambler. The GamblerGambler also gets the benefits to enjoy the game without paying anything.