What are the different types of bets in roulette?

Online casinos like gclub offer different variations of roulettes. However, it is advisable to know the types of bets that you can place in these variations. 

Roulette – Inside Bets

Straight up – You could see numbers ranging from zero to thirty-six printed on every space on the roulette wheel. A straight-up bet will let you win the payout if the ball lands on the space that contains the number you have selected. If you place your chips on the space containing 15, you will win if the ball lands on it after the spinning of the wheel. The payout proportion would be thirty-five to one. 

Split – If you feel like guessing a single number for the ball’s landing is tedious, you can consider going for a split bet. In this bet, you can guess any two digits on the roulette wheel for the ball’s landing and place your chips on them. However, the two digits should be adjacent. You can take the money if the ball lands on any of the selected digits. 

Street – You can consider this bet as an extended version of a split bet. You would place your chips on any three adjacent spaces. Your payout possibility will be eleven to one in this type of bet. 

Corner – You can place your bet on four cells. 

Roulette – Outside Bets 

Red or Black – You can witness the roulette board is filled with numbers along with some colors. The two major colors used would be red and black. You can bet on any of these colors also. If you do so, you need not worry about the specific number on which your ball stops. Instead, you should make sure that the ball lands on the color you have placed your bet on. It could be any number but the color matters. You can take the payout if you get the ball ends up on the color you have chosen. As there would be only two colors filled up alternatively throughout the wheel, you will find it easy to win in these games. 

Even or odd – Similar to the color-based bets explained above, you could also choose an outside bet kept on the nature of the numbers, either odd or even. Since you will have digits from 0 to 36 on the wheel, there will be an equal number of odd and even digits. Let us assume that you place your bet on an odd digit. If the ball lands on seven or nine, you can win the payout. Likewise, any odd number could get you the winning amount. 


High or Low – Similar to the odd and even digits, there is another nature for the numbers on the wheel. Either they would be digits of low value or they would be of high value. You can place your bet on this value also. A low bet will win if the ball lands on any number below 18, and a high bet will win if the landing spot is somewhere above 18.