what all you need to do to setup a shopify agency?

s a shopify agency, you can’t afford to be manually processing orders. You are competing with large e-commerce stores and you need to automate processes that can save you time. You can use Shopify’s Order Management feature. This allows you to manage orders in one place and see reports on the orders you need to manage. 

You can also use Shopify’s e-commerce features to automate payment collection and more. There are also a lot of online tools that can help you automate processes.

Do the dirty work yourself and expect to get paid overtime

If you have a Shopify Agency UK, you have to do your own invoicing and expect to get paid overtime. This is a hard and quick lesson that you have to learn as an agency owner. The more you work on the invoicing and accounting, the more comfortable you will be with it. But it might take a few months before you feel comfortable. 

Invoices have to be accurate, and the accounting system has to be easy enough to work with. If you hire an accountant or other people to do it, they will just make it harder than it needs to be. You have to set up the accounting system yourself and learn how to use it. Once you learn the systems well, you will feel more confident in taking care of the accounting. You might end up hiring an accountant over time.

Set Up a Limited Company

A limited company is a separate legal entity that acts as a vehicle to conduct business activities. A limited company is commonly referred to as a ‘limited liability company’ (‘LLC’), but that is a legal distinction, not a function of the entity. The main advantage of setting up a limited company is that it can be incorporated without being required to be audited by the government. This may be important if you’re looking to secure investment. 

You can set up a limited company in just a few days, and unlike setting up an LLC, this process does not require any additional permits or licenses. This also means that your business does not exist in the eyes of the government as a separate entity. All business activities are conducted through a limited company and are not liable to taxation.

Choose Your Tasks Wisely

The first thing to do when setting up a Shopify Agency is to make a preliminary analysis of shopify cost uk. Take the time to analyze all the tasks you currently perform or hire someone to help you do it. Your biggest challenge as a new agency will be to find the right balance between your current activities and the new agency tasks. It is important to remember that you will not be able to perform all tasks in-house as a new agency. 

The most important thing is to find the right balance. After doing the analysis, you will find out that you’re already doing most of the tasks that an agency performs. You can use the analysis to decide which tasks you can easily outsource or offer subcontracted to other people. After that, set up a separate accounting and bookkeeping account for your shopify agency.