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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Ways to keep the Real Instagram Followers Happy and Active on One’s Account?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and the best place to meet new people. It is also one of the greatest platforms for business to expand their customer base.

Whether one wants to get to know more people or increase the business sales, they should keep their real Instagram followers active and engaged. 

One can use a few tips and tricks to keep their real Instagram followers active. These tactics can also be used to increase followers as well. These are as follows: 

  • Keep the quality high:

It doesn’t matter if one has huge news of real Instagram followers. If one doesn’t post high-quality content, they will eventually unfollow. 

Therefore one must keep on posting high-quality content and keep on posting. One should always be simple when it comes to making posts. Also, try to be elegant in the language and keep the captions correct and properly.

  • Trends are the way to go:

Trends are something that changes daily when it comes to high-power platforms like Instagram. Although it is hard to keep all the trends people love following new trendy things.

Therefore it is necessary for one to keep an eye on trends. After following the trends one can use them to one’s advantage and depict them in their post and content.

  • Keep one’s account public:

It is a tip that works a bit differently when it comes to real Instagram followers. One should keep their account public because it helps their currently existing real Instagram followers to share their content. They can also view the other posts without requesting again and again.

It contributes to the business values. It also makes people feel the business account is not just giving attention to them because they are paying but genuinely care about them.

  • Be nice, and down to earth:

Many times it is observed that the real Instagram followers often comment on many posts giving their feedback on the specific product or service. One can also expect the followers to DM them. 

Be kind to them and answer all their questions, and accept their feedbacks no matter whether they are positive or negative.

  • Have a conversation:

One can even talk to the real Instagram followers ask them about ideas and tactics. Keep on updating them with new products and ask for feedback about the previous products or services. 

Keep them appreciated and make them feel the customers are the main assets and one isn’t just running a business account. Be within their reach, and don’t forget to have fun with them.

  • Daily posts:

Instagram recommends posting six times a week to get the ideal results. It helps people, and the real Instagram followers to be more active on one’s account and spend time reading the posts. They can also expect the posts at a specific time period, and they will wait for them to be posted.

One can use these tricks to keep the real Instagram followers happy and active over the business account.


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