Want to Rank #1? Tips to create SEO-friendly content

We live in a world where digital marketing is everything. It is virtually impossible to establish a new brand without using the internet as part of your marketing strategy. The same goes for maintaining brand awareness. Everybody is obsessed with knowing how they rank on search engine result pages. That is why there are so many free rank tracker tools out there that you can just take advantage of and know where your site stands in as far as search engine ranking is concerned.

Rank tracking has so many advantages and one of them is that it helps you to know exactly where your website ranks. However, rank tracking only works if you also create great content that is properly SEO optimized. Otherwise, why waste time and resources rank tracking a website that doesn’t have anything worth reading or seeing? You need to create engaging and SEO-friendly content and in this article, I am going to teach you how to do that by highlighting a few useful tips.

Add variety to your content

When you are working in the SEO industry, the one thing you need to understand is that there are never two searches that are exactly alike. There will always be people who appreciate loose and colorful explanations and others who like chunks of dense text. Other people prefer to learn through images, audio files, and/or videos. Funny enough, there are people who would bounce away when they find such content on a website.

With that being said, you can never catch the attention of everybody with the same kind of content. That is why you need to create a huge variety of content so that if one doesn’t work for somebody, they can always opt for the other. However, you must ensure that the content you are presenting the people who visit your page is relevant to the message you are trying to pass across. Don’t make your page slow by adding unnecessary files.

Make sure your writing is polished

There is no other way to do this. If you want to catch the attention of your readers, it is imperative that you get your writing in order. Research says that people only read 20% of all the words on a website and that means that it could be any of the words you include on your website. As such, there is no way of telling which words your readers will read and that is why you must ensure that all your content is of good quality so that whatever words a person reads makes a lot of sense to them.

If you don’t have enough words in you or the time to write, you might want to consider hiring a professional writer to do the job for you. There are so many freelance writers out there who can do a great job for you on a budget.

Use long-form & short-form content

Like we have already seen above, people who read content on websites are different and they have different amounts of time to find what they are looking for. Thus, making it easier for them by including both brief and in-depth explanations will help your website work much better.