Walk-in Style and Grace in Jelly Sandals this Summer

11 Best Jelly Sandals For Summer 2021: How To Wear The Jelly Shoe Trend

Jelly Sandals have gone past being a “comeback trend.” After its origination in the 20th century, it came back again in the ’80s. Now, it is a fashion item that must be in everybody’s wardrobe for the summer. Apart from being fun to look at, jelly shoes are versatile warm-weather shoes. You can use them for grassy picnics and on beaches. These shoes are also effortless to clean.

Additionally, jelly Sandals are eco-friendly. The world is facing a climate change problem, and plastics contribute to it. Jelly Sandals are made of different types of plastic. So companies that make jelly sandals for adults and kids help reduce the climate crisis to a certain percentage. Although, there are some jelly sandals made out of harmful plastic, like PVC. Those are bad for your feet. So avoid them.

For some of us, the earliest memory of jelly footwear we have is from elementary school. But now that they have become a modern fashion trend, we are more than glad to hop on the jelly footwear bandwagon, especially for this summer.

So here are a few styling tips for rocking your jelly sandals this summer:

  1. Rock your jelly sandals with a pencil skirt that stops above your knee alongside a quirky pullover. Don’t feel ashamed to mesh or clash colors. Jelly sandals are fun, and your outfit should also be fun.
  2. Rock your caged jelly sandals with a cropped shirt and flay mini skirt. Add sunshades to complete the look.
  3. Transparent jelly sandals match all colors. But you can opt for a monochrome look.
  4. You can go for a more eclectic look by wearing your jelly sandals with shorts and a peplum top.
  5. You can also decide to wear your jelly sandals with socks.
  6. Wear brightly colored jelly sandals alongside black clothes. The color of the jelly sandals will pop more.
  7. Accentuate your glittery transparent jelly sandals with silver accessories.


Pros of Jelly Sandals

  • They are lightweight and easy to wear
  • Jelly sandals are lightweight, which makes them perfect for the summer. Sometimes, you need your feet to breathe. Plus, the designs of jelly sandals make it easy to slip your feet into.
  • They are easy to maintain
  • Jelly Sandals are made out of plastic. So, it requires low maintenance. It doesn’t need a special kind of polish, just a wet rag.

Cons of Jelly Sandals

  • As much as we love jelly sandals, it would be unfair if we didn’t tell you of the downsides of it.
  • They can make your feet hot
  • The longer you stay outside with jelly shoes, the hotter your feet become. It is made out of plastic, so it causes more heat.
  • They can make you fall

Since jelly sandals are made out of plastic, they can’t absorb sweat. So if you usually get sweaty feet, it’s not advisable to wear jelly sandals.



Jelly Sandals for adults are a must-have this summer. The variety of colors will remind you of your childhood. Plus, you can wear jelly sandals with almost anything. They are also pretty cheap, depending on the brand you buy.

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