Towing An Automatic Car: What Do You Have To Pay Attention To?

Facts You Need to Know When Your Car is Being Towed in Cape Coral

Take special care when towing a car with an automatic transmission. The switch box can break, and a new one is quite expensive. If a car with an automatic is pulled in the wrong gear or over too long a distance, the transmission can break down.

Towing Electric Cars With Automatic Transmission

The engine beats tiredly; only a gentle breeze comes from the exhaust. Driving is out of the question. The only thing that helps is to call the breakdown service or to tow the car to the nearest workshop. Not a problem in itself. However, things get more complicated if the car has an automatic gearbox or a dual-clutch gearbox flange-mounted to the engine. The machines require more consideration than manual transmissions. We’ll tell you how to tow a car with an automatic transmission properly.


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What Are The Special Features Of Towing With An Automatic Transmission?

Depending on the manufacturer and model, automatic or dual-clutch transmissions have a torque converter or an oil bath clutch that must be permanently supplied with oil. As a rule, the motor drives a corresponding pump on the gearbox. If the motor does not run, the pump cannot work, cannot build up pressure, and the gearbox can run dry on some moving parts after a few kilometers. If the engine still starts, it should therefore idle when towing.

Which Attitudes Are Essential?

To hook a car with automatic transmission, you have to engage gear N (for neutral). This is the only way to tow the vehicle with this transmission. At P, the transmission remains in the park position and locks the wheels.

What Happens If An Automatic Car Is Towed Incorrectly?

If the car with the automatic is pulled in the wrong gears or over too long a distance, the transmission can break down. Depending on the make and model, a vehicle with an automatic transmission or a dual-clutch transmission can be pulled up to 80 kilometers with a rope or a rod. Detailed information can be found in the operating instructions. You should adhere to this because otherwise, you lose your right to warranty or guarantee to repair a gearbox defect – and this repair or even a new automatic gearbox is very expensive. Click here (คลิกที่นี่ which is the term in Thai) to know more