Top Three Countries for Netflix Content

Netflix has some of the best content and is loved by all generations. This content-heavy website is a favorite for ages. However, different countries have different access to Netflix content. However, it is not impossible to view the contents of other countries. Some videos will guide you through so that you get to watch the contents of other countries. For example, if you are in Italy and want to view content that Americans see, all you have to do is follow come avere netflix usa video. This is more of a guide that will help you to watch American content sitting in Italy.

Top Steaming Countries

Netflix Japan is home to the world’s largest streaming library with more than 6000 titles. Initially, when Netflix was launched globally in 2015, Japan only had around 2000 titles. In just a span of four to five years, the tittles tripled. This is not only massive but is extremely impressive too. The anime library is what holds unique content for Japan. Japan’s film industry is one of the most thriving film industries. However, the second position in the US. The US holds the second-largest title range in the world. Arguably, though the US stands after Japan, the US is considered the best for big-budget shows. Though the US may not have the largest number of titles, Americans often get the privilege of watching the first broadcast of several Netflix Original since Netflix is an American company.

Country with the Top Shows

However, one of the largest rankings in the world belongs to the UK. It outranks 94% of the world. It has over 5000 titles along with an extensive TV show library. Here you will get more than 1800 shows to select and watch from. However, you can watch American content sitting in Italy too. You need a proper guide for that. You can follow come avere netflix usa to get the perfect guidance for watching American shows in Italy.