Tips and Tricks to Verify an Iqama 


For those who are not familiar with the term, checking iqama is an online system used by Saudi Arabia government to verify the identity of its citizens and residents. This system has been set up to ensure that only those with valid residency permits can remain in the country. In this article, we’ll explore some of the common reasons why people may be asked to go through an Iqama check. 

Change of Residency Status 

One of the most common reasons for Iqama checking is when a resident’s residency status has changed. This could include a change in marital status, occupation or even nationality. When these changes occur, it is important that they are updated on the Iqama record and registered with the Saudi Arabian government. If they are not updated, then it could lead to complications down the line when it comes to accessing services or even obtaining travel documents. 

Frequent Travelers  

For those who travel frequently, an Iqama check may be required before leaving and entering Saudi Arabia. This is because there are certain restrictions on who can enter and exit the country at any given time. By verifying someone’s identity through an Iqama check, authorities can ensure that only those with valid residency permits are allowed into or out of Saudi Arabia. 

Employment Opportunities  

When seeking employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, employers often ask potential candidates to submit their Iqamas for verification purposes. This helps employers ensure that they are only hiring individuals who have valid residency permits and have all of their documentation in order before being employed in the country. It also helps protect employers from inadvertently hiring undocumented workers which has serious legal ramifications for businesses operating within Saudi Arabia. 

Security Concerns     

For security reasons, government organizations such as airports may require travelers to produce their Iqamas for verification purposes upon entering or exiting a building or facility. This helps authorities keep track of who is coming in and out of certain areas and ensures that only those with valid residency permits have access to restricted spaces or areas. 


Iqama checks play an important role in helping maintain order within Saudi Arabia by verifying people’s identities and ensuring that only those with valid residency permits remain in the country legally. Whether you’re seeking employment opportunities, traveling frequently or simply want access to certain restricted areas, you may be asked to provide your Iqama as part of a verification process conducted by local authorities or businesses operating within Saudi Arabia. It pays to be prepared!