To clarify, when we talk about hardware, we are referring to every physical part of a computer. Memory, Cooler, CPU, Motherboard, and all other components are what we call hardware. For a computer to work correctly, all of its hardware must be in good working order.

Obvious! Otherwise, the user will suffer from being able to use his machine. The hardware problems can affect from playing videos to the internet connection.

Frequent Hardware Issues

  1. HD failure
  2. Printer gagging on paper

#1 HD Fail

The reasons for a hard drive failure can be numerous. Defects in the HD itself, incompatibility with some system files, and problems with the cable used to connect it to the machine are some of the most recurrent.

Before deciding to replace this component, you need to investigate the reasons for this issue. As usual, update the drivers and seek support from an IT specialist to perform tests on the computer. For example, if the problem is noise while reading the HD, the problem could be with the component’s needle. Therefore, it will be necessary to open the machine to change the part.

You can opt for physical methods such as a USB stick, CDs, or an external hard drive. However, the safest way is through cloud technology.

#2 Printer With Paper Choke

Even though the printer is the most modern and high-tech printer, this is very common. You set up the pages and paper correctly. Everything is ok to start printing. But halfway through the process, the printer locks up, and the paper gets stuck and all crumpled inside.

Pay attention to the type of paper you will use; it can quickly get stuck in the printer. First of all, confirm that the paper is compatible. If you select letter printing but are using an A4 sheet, the printer may get stuck. Also, check the paper tray to see if the sheets are aligned.

If the process is interrupted, open the printer compartment carefully, according to the equipment manual. Once this is done, confirm if there is any jammed paper and try to remove it. As long as there are any obstacles in the compartment, the printer from HPE MSL2024 LTO Tape Library will not work correctly.

By Mike H.