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Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Importance of Having Your Home Maintenance Checklist

Owning a property gives greater responsibility than renting. Homeowners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their homes. Your realtor, mortgage lender, and the internet have all stressed the need of house maintenance and provided dozens of ideas. But why is it vital?

Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Home

  • Home Upkeep Saves Money

The first reason why house maintenance is vital is because it saves you money.  While it’s true that maintenance costs money, effort, and time, you have to know that it also saves you money in the long term. It is because addressing minor issues immediately prevents major issues from developing later. The greater issues that arise from not maintaining a property cost far more than a new furnace filter every few months.

  • Maintenance Keeps Your Home Running

It takes regular maintenance to maintain your home’s functional components in good condition. It’s like cleaning the kitchen floor every week or so to maintain it clean. Doing simple chores at home should always be on your home maintenance checklist. You must keep cleaning and maintaining your house to keep it clean. If you don’t, your house will be less efficient.

  • Home Upkeep Increases Home Value

The longer you own a property, the more valuable it becomes. Of course, home prices are affected by the market, not just what you do to the property, but you may still have an impact by maintaining it. If you planned to sell your house in the future and didn’t repair any of your systems or appliances, the home inspection report would likely state that your house had several issues or prospective issues. Buyers may ask for a discount or ask you to replace or fix systems that may cause future troubles. In any case, you won’t receive as much money as the house is worth. The more money you spend on home improvements and upkeep tasks that boost the value of your property, the more equity you build. See our article on home equity here.

  • Home Warranty and Repair

Home warranties and insurance often do not cover problems caused by neglect. You’d be hard-pressed to locate house insurance that would cover flooding in your roof or attic if you hadn’t cleaned up your gutters. A house warranty would not cover repairs or replacements if you didn’t change your HVAC system’s filters for a year and the fan burnt out due to overuse. Why does a house warranty need regular maintenance? You must maintain your systems and appliances to keep them running properly and to prolong their lifetime. System and appliance repairs are usually limited to homeowners who have attempted to maintain them.

The beautiful thing about a home warranty is that if you clean and maintain your systems and appliances, you may save thousands of dollars when they break down. A home warranty can repair or replace your outdated systems for a fixed charge.


Understanding the importance of a home maintenance checklist will not only benefit the house but the owners as well. It saves them money because they can prevent paying for home repairs as long as they will spend time cleaning or checking the house from time to time.

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