The Fundamental Merits of Luxury Vacation Rentals

Travelers interested in experiencing the ultimate in exclusivity should consider Atlanta penthouses for rent. This type of vacation rental option far outweighs a lengthy stay in a standard hotel. Unlike traditional lodging, most luxury vacation rentals provide far more amenities, such as ample space, unprecedented privacy, and enhanced comforts. In addition, you will stay in a room with massive windows that allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlanta skyline. 

Here are the top four advantages of staying in a luxury vacation home.

Private Environment

Because most luxury vacation homes have spacious living quarters, guests can escape the noise and chaos of traditional accommodations, where listening to other guests sing in the shower, march the stairs, and communicate loudly is the norm. Hotels can be a difficult place to ignite a romance for those planning a lovers’ getaway. Atlanta penthouses for rent, on the other hand, can provide private balconies, entrances, pools, and even BBQ grills so that guests can truly enjoy their stay in peace.

Superior Comfort

Many luxury vacation rentals include extremely convenient features like a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, customer service, and entertainment options. Luxury penthouse rentals may also include comfortable beds, fast internet, televisions, and other amenities. The majority of luxury vacation rentals are intended to be a home away from home. In fact, many luxury resort-styled rentals outperform even the most exclusive hotels in terms of onsite and/or in-room convenience. 

Vacation rentals can provide all of the comforts of home, from a fully stocked refrigerator and a comfortable living room to nearby spas and five-star restaurants.


Most visitors will undoubtedly save significant money by staying in a luxury vacation rental. Vacation rentals are typically less expensive than traditional hotels, especially when booking for a longer period of time. According to some experts, the average vacation home is 50% less expensive per square foot than a traditional hotel. Because many vacation homes have fully equipped kitchens, guests can save money by preparing their own meals. 

Furthermore, the extra lodging space allows travelers to save even more money by splitting the accommodation costs with close family and friends.

More Personal Service

While some hotels and resorts may have activity directors, you will not receive the same level of personalized service as you would with a luxury vacation rental. Destination specialists are available to assist you with your vacation planning needs. These specialists aim to make your stay more convenient, from finding you the ideal villa to providing professional services. They only work with the best vendors in order to provide you with the best service and experience possible.

Spacious Rooms

While the average hotel room in America is 400 square feet, vacation rental properties can be up to 2,000 square feet in size. As a result, large families and other large groups can easily be accommodated by vacation rental homes. Premium resorts, such as Atlanta penthouses for rent, frequently offer spacious lodging options with up to four rooms and nine bathrooms. Furthermore, most luxury vacation rentals provide guests with large kitchens, separate living rooms, private patios/decks, entertainment rooms, and other amenities.