The Essential Rules To Follow In Getting Along With Your Neighbors In A Condo

To achieve this respectful relationship, it is essential to establish some common standards. This is an important action, especially in condominiums, where there is usually a person responsible for ensuring that everyone complies with the requirements – the liquidator or a specialized management company usually performs this function.

In general, we can say that the main for getting along with neighbors relate to: The first attitude that anyone moving into a condominium should take is to know the local rules. Those who live in an isolated house can also opt for the friendliness of introducing themselves to neighbors, trying to find out if there are basic rules defined for the street or the neighborhood, for example. If that’s the case, remember to guide your children so that they also contribute to a good relationship.


Regarding security in condominiums rules like for condo parking (ที่จอดรถ คอนโด which is the term in Thai) for instance, there are usually restrictions on the entry of any people. Generally, residents have the keys to the gates and must accompany visitors to protect others from the entry of unknown people without the doorman or the condominium administration knowing.

Some locations also restrict the entry of service providers. In this context, when a resident orders food at a restaurant, for example, it may be necessary to go to the concierge to pick it up, as not all buildings allow delivery people to go to the apartments. It is an enhancement to everyone’s security and privacy.


The rules about sounds are usually on the list of those that cause the most conflicts between condominium residents or neighborhoods. In general, it’s good to set time limits and even more appropriate places to listen to music at a higher volume. Thus, the residents of buildings can correctly understand the rules for holding events in the leisure area, for example. In neighborhoods with more houses, common sense should prevail to keep conversations and noise at a volume that does not disturb those who live nearby.

If any work needs to be done on the apartment, check in advance with the manager about the limited hours and let the neighbors know about the estimated duration of the renovation. This kind of care can avoid a lot of confusion.


Garbage disposal is another point that deserves to be included in the main rules of good coexistence with neighbors. People who live in condominiums and, therefore, share common environments must follow what is established. It is also essential to pay attention to disposal when living at home, bagging the garbage carefully, and placing it correctly.


Another point that can be delicate when we talk about the neighborhood is parking. It’s not cool when you need to enter or leave the house and come across a neighbor’s car or a visitor blocking your way. The good news is that, in general, condominiums establish rules regarding the number of spaces per resident and the existence or not of garages for visitors.


Finally, those who choose to live in a condominium should know that there are usually rules on the movement of animals in common areas. Some buildings are even more rigid, preventing the presence of pets. But not everyone is so strict. By following some basic rules of coexistence, such as proper cleaning and noise control, it is possible to welcome animals without any major problems.