The Effectiveness Of School Reinforcement

The strengthening school has proved very effective to ensure learning.

According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted with students of different ages and different schools, a consistent increase in students who had individual tutoring sessions was demonstrated.

The study aimed to identify some method of group instruction that would be as effective as individual tutoring.

Consequently, school reinforcement and teaching personalization, generated by its practical application, allow the student to develop self-confidence and intellectual autonomy, overcome individual challenges, learn about their best learning strategies, and, finally, have positive performances.

Personalized Tutoring Chart

After the end of the study, it was observed that students whose tutors monitored in a given subject were students with an IQ of 30 points higher than those who were not monitored. This is the same period; being with someone by your side is an invaluable advantage in learning.

Assessment: School Reinforcement Instrument

To implement an effective plan of school tutoring toefl itp with guarantee (ติว toefl itp รับรอง ผล which is the term in Thai) based on particular difficulties, we need to know and evaluate the students individually.  However, often, with traditional assessment tools, it is not possible to obtain this personalized view.

An alternative, then, to get to know the students’ individualities is using formal spaces (classrooms, libraries, laboratories, etc.) combined with informal spaces (platforms, blogs, websites) to carry out assessments, such as in the hybrid teaching.

But remember: evaluation should be a process, not an end. It must have a qualitative bias and be used as a tool to understand the students ‘ difficulties, as well as their insecurities and other possible reasons for low performance.

The assessment, therefore, aims to map out an individual action plan for each student to reinforce and guarantee knowledge. Assessments thus become instruments for planning and ensuring individual learning. And, for this reason, they must act as a reading that guides the student’s path: interpretation, correction, and overcoming.