Tezbox Restore – Ways Of Doing It

Before we get to know how to restore your tezbox wallet, let us understand what a wallet is.

If you are someone who has been associated with cryptocurrencies for a while, you would be knowing about the benefits of using wallets. However, if you are a beginner, do give this part a thorough read.

A physical wallet is somewhere you keep your money and currency safely. So is in the case of an online wallet. In order for you to trade in the cryptocurrency market, you need to be in the possession of a wallet where you may safely store your cryptocurrencies. This is where the tezbox wallet comes into your life. Not only is the tezbox wallet one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets out there but it is also one of the most efficient.

The tezbox wallet allows you to deal with a wide range of currencies because it supports all leading cryptocurrencies in the market. Easily trade and receive, send or carry out other transactions with ease without any hassle.

How to restore your tezbox wallet:

In the earlier days, once you cleared your wallet, it was inaccessible and you would have to start from zero balance. However, these days it has become very easy to restore your balance and continue trading with it. It is very easy to restore your balance into your tezbox wallet. Here’s how to do it:


Unlike other wallets, the tezbox wallet has a very simple procedure to restore your wallet. Here are the steps.

  • Firstly, go to your main page and select the restore option. If you feel like creating a new wallet, then you have that option as well. Click on your desired option and you will be guided likewise.
  • If you select the restore option, you will be guided to another page where you will have to select the method of restoration. There are three methods of restoration namely: ICO/fundraiser, seed phrase and private key. Select the desired option and your wallet will be restored accordingly.

After doing the steps above, you will have successfully restored your wallet. Yes. It’s just that simple. This is one of the many reasons why tezbox is such a favourite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The creators of tezbox make sure that they keep updating the wallet with the newest features for their user’s convenience. Recently, it came up with various new features one of which was that you could operate and restore multiple accounts. Another important new feature that the creators have come up with is that you can connect your tezbox online wallet to any other hard external wallet like the ledger wallet. This in particular is very useful to people who find it more convenient to operate an external wallet.

Conclusively, the tezbox wallet is one of the best wallets online. Given the ease of trade and restoration of account, it is quite obvious why it is a favourite among the masses. This wallet helps you to trade your cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cryptocurrency investor, this wallet is the perfect for all your needs.