Take Some Steps Back With Majed Veysel

The next time you pass a big building or monument, take some steps back, stand in front of the masterpiece, and try thinking about its style. Is it modernist or Bauhaus in nature? Can you get a neo-classical vibe out of it, or is it inclining more towards Romanesque? For some people, these words make no sense, but for the architects, each design has its very own characteristics. So, ask someone professional like Majed Veysel and get an idea of architectural style and their defining characteristics. Follow his social media pages like https://www.instagram.com/mm.w/ and get a glimpse of his work as well.

Source – Majed Veysel Instagram @mm.w

The Victorian Style:

One of the most popular architectural styles of all time got to be Victorian. This Victorian Era got to see some of the old architectural styles returning like the Romanesque, Tudor, Gothic Revival, and more. There are some influences from the Middle East and Asia as well. The major features here are the sash windows, bat windows, dollhouse style with elaborative trim and even asymmetrical shapes. You can get to see this design more in the USA, UK, and Australia. The design is perfect but comes with a tough cleaning job!

Islamic style of it:

Starting in the 7th century in the Middle East, Islamic architecture will vary quite a lot based on the region like Span and Persia North Africa. The best example of this style got to be the Mosque, which will include domes, pointed arches, and even courtyards. Here, the decoration takes place on the flat surfaces, and it will take priority as Koran forbids the use of 3D representations. So, some of the major features of such architectural beauties will be enclosed spaces, geometric designs, horseshoe arch, and enclosed interior in place of perforated screens.

Romanesque is another one to consider:

Primarily stated as Norman Architecture, Romanesque emerged all across Europe in the late 10th century. The famous feature of such style that catches your mind is the rounded arch, which is found in the Roman styled churches. The major features in here go as repetitive rows of the round-headed arches, rounded arches and styled floral decorations. It will also cover foliage stone decorations, cable molding covering around the doors in twisted rope design, and more.

Some of the other styles to consider here are Baroque, Tudor, Bauhaus, Neo-classical, and more. You can ask experts like Majed Veysel for some architectural ideas as well.