Surprising Health Benefits Of The One Percenter Vodka

Weekends are the best to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. But if you want to add life and spark to your party, a shot of One Percenter vodka will do the work. After all, this is the time you leave your worries behind and look forward to making new memories.

However, only a few know that vodka possesses some of the most surprising health benefits. So if you are one of those, here is everything about vodka and its goodness.

De-stress your life

Who does not like unwinding themselves after a long, hectic, and dull day at work? Some people turn to binge-watching while others work out to achieve this relaxed and unbothered state of mind. However, some of us like to have a nice glass of wine.

Despite this belief that nothing beats stress like wine, science does not agree with it. However, it states that both red wine and vodka are good for your heart. Apart from this, studies show that vodka is comparatively a better alternative to reduce your stress level.

Improve your sleep quality

Anything can cause harm instead of doing something good for your body if you consume it excessively. Therefore, whether it is vodka or any other alcoholic beverage, avoid sipping it right before sleeping.

However, when we talk about its health benefits, vodka can improve your sleep quality significantly. According to some recent studies, vodka helps consumers fall asleep quicker and have a deep sleep.

Boost your good cholesterol

If you are suffering from high cholesterol problems, consuming vodka in moderation will blow your senses. Researchers have concluded that it boosts your good cholesterol level.

Moreover, it prevents blood clots, lowers inflammation, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Its ability to increase the HDL cholesterol level is something that many people require.

Vodka for skincare

The skin benefits of One Percenter vodka are no longer a secret. Everyone from the fashion industry to the beauty industry knows how vodka levels up your game.

It unclogs your pores, tightens your skin, and brightens your face. Moreover, you can also make a DIY vodka toner at home with a few ingredients only.

Say yes to vodka haircare

Surprisingly, your skin is not the only thing that vodka can rejuvenate. It is renowned for providing you shiny-looking hair that appears fuller and healthier.

Vodka reduces frizziness in your hair and closes your cuticles. Moreover, some studies also show that it cleans your scalp build-up and removes dandruff. But the best thing is that you can apply it as a hair mask by combining it with other essential ingredients like an egg.

Odor-free mouth

Whenever you interact with someone, your mouth and breath are something that people notice before everything else. Consider it as a trailer to your overall body health.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to removing germs and making your breath cleaner. Thankfully, you can use vodka to achieve this as well. Take a shot of vodka and instead of drinking it, gargle for a few seconds.

So next time you contemplate whether you should take that vodka shot or not, remember these benefits. Always consume alcohol in moderate amounts to extract its full potential.