Some Ideas to Speed Up Your Motorcycle Slang with The Comprehensive Dictionary

The Manual’s dictionary is an unofficial dictionary created for motorcycle slang by the people who traveled on two wheels. The glossary was made to educate people about the language used on the road. Learning a lingo gives us a feeling of enjoyment and freedom in our experience of riding a motorcycle.

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The idea about motorcycle slang is captured well in Robert M Pirsig’s book. Motorcycling also has a vocabulary and the newcomers should familiarize themselves with the lingo. This slang dictionary gives you tips like what to understand when you want to tune the bike.

Below is some motorcycle slang vocabulary with which a rider should be familiar, 

  • ADV (adventure)

ADV bikes are also called dual sports bikes which can be ridden off and on-road. It’s a combination of both riding and bike. A ride on such bikes is called ” ADVrider” 

  • Airfence

Airfence is a system of airbags for racetrackers. An Airfence deflates automatically when a rider hits it, thereby reducing the chances of injury. 

  • Apes 

These are the very tall handlebars usually found on cruisers.

  • American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)

It’s an organization that hosts rallies, races, and lobbies politicians on riders’ behalf.  It offers roadside assistance services. 

  • Bike

A bike is also known as sled, sweetheart, ride, beast, my precious, the old lady, etc. 

  • Biker

A biker doesn’t mean someone who rides a bike. It means someone who belongs to a motorcycle gang or club. Hell’s Angel is a real biker. Bikers like it when people call them “bikers” not “motorcyclists”. 

  • Busa

It’s the other name of the sports bike called Suzuki Hayabusa. 

  • Bobber

The typical features of a bobber include low handlebars, stripped-down look, solo seat, no front fender, etc. Any bike can be turned into a bobber provided tools, time, and money. 

  • Bonnie

It’s the nickname for the bike called Triumph Bonneville. It’s a Britain-made iconic motorcycle. 

  • Cafe racer

These bikes got their name from the riders known as Rockers who would alter their bikes to ride quickly from one nightspot to another usually to pick up girls 

  • Carb

It refers to “carburetors”. These bikes are inefficient, finicky, and clogs. Hence, they aren’t used anymore. 

  • CB

It’s the slang word for a Honda which was available long back. But even now the Honda models start with the word CB. For example: CB550, CB1100F, CH750 etc. 

  • Chopper

A chopper is a combination of a flat rear tire, stretched gas tank, extended forks, and V-twin engine. 

  • Dresser

Its slang used for a touring bike. Windscreens or saddlebags are added by some of the riders to make them more comfortable.

Knowing the slang words is the necessary criteria for the riders. It takes them to a different level in the world of Motorcycle riding and helps them to boost their confidence. They achieve success and feel a sense of satisfaction.