Ring Size Chart Is Forever

Ring is a band of circular shape made up of any metal that may be precious or semi-precious material. In ancient times, married couples used to wear rings of braided reeds on the left-hand ring finger. It was believed that this finger had a vein that straight connects to the heart. Soon, a diamond was put on these rings and it become a symbol of love, romance and commitment.

A story to tell, A story to remember

Person may die but this ring always remained to tell his/her story. A story that has the ability to fascinate whosoever witnessed it and whosoever will soon hear it or through any other medium experience it. Ring size chart as one may call it is the progenitor of that story.

Finding the right size

It is always a tough task to measure the physical proportions of a person. With modern machinery we can do it quite quickly and easily. But what about those beautiful and delicate engagement rings that one wants to buy for their loved ones or that sweet birthday ring or friendship ring or that special super bowl ring that marks and celebrates the occasion. They are fine specimen of handicraft. All these require services of ring size chart.

Demand for ring size chart

Although ring size chart is just a scale but as the demand for the rings and different types of rings has increased over the years, ring size chart has also become a valuable asset. As the jewellery business grew over the last few centuries and more and more people are able to buy rings demand for ring size chart has increased manifolds.

Breaking stereotypes

As the economies in the third world countries developed and in the second world stabilized a new demand for rings has arisen. Thus, ring size chart for every individual country, for every continent and even for every community has been designed. So that ladies can flaunt their rings in parties and gentlemen can add them to their style statement; New anthropological and biological information was added to revise the ring size chart so that they may adhere to the modern professional standards.

Simple yet powerful

One may think that ring size chart is a very simple utilitarian scale that only helps the jewellers. But one must also understand the beauty of simplicity. A scale which can measure the size of the ring finger with absolutely no hard skill involved and without breaking sweat is something that must be appreciated. A scale which can provide accurate measurements, and been able to do so since time immemorial and continues to be used even with the advent of modern measurement techniques is definitely something that boggles the mind.