Renovation Checklist before Giving Property on Rent

Getting a renter and ensuring to have the renter stay on the property for longer is an essential need for the landlords. A rental property should be set up comfortably and functionally for the renters to take your house and stay for long. House owners can work on various renovations and refurbishments that should be done to increase the rental value of the property. Renters give a lot of importance to the look and function of the house, especially the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen renovation

Updating the kitchen is always a win-win for getting a greater return on investment. Ensure to upgrade the appliances such as oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave, and replace the older ones to match with other appliances in the kitchen. It will increase the kitchen functionality for the renters.

Also, try giving the cabinets some attention by simply sanding and painting the existing ones. Top them off by adding some hardware to give a fresher look. You may even change the durable kitchen countertop and withstand the heat, stain, and scratches.

Bathroom remodelling

A clean and up-to-date bathroom is one of the primary requirements of the tenants. Hence, remodelling the bathroom of the property on rent is essential. Replace the toilet seat, add a new shower head, and update the faucets and cabinet hardware in the bathroom.

Work on ideas to maximize the bathroom space and increase the storage in the bathroom to make it functional for the tenants. If your budget permits, try to elevate the design of the bathroom by adding a new vanity and counter space. There are a lot of DIYs you may do to up-cycle the old materials to add storage space and make it stylish.

Upgrading Exterior

To create that first impression on your tenants, be sure to make the exterior fresh and clean. Try to add low-maintenance and inexpensive landscaping that would not need too much attention that the tenants have to give. Make the exterior eye-catching by painting the exterior walls, or at least the front door. Trim back trees and shrubs in the garden and pour new concrete.

Easy fixes and interior painting

Complete the look of the house by few touch-ups that can easily be done to impress the tenants. Paint the walls with a neutral colour. Install new light fixtures to give a modern touch. Cabinet handles, doorknobs, and blinds are some of the easy and low-cost fixes you may choose to do. Make sure to take a look at the working conditions of all the equipment in the property. Ensure to repair and replace the non-working ones. Renters look for functional needs in the house including the storages. Increasing storage spaces in the home is always welcoming to the renters to choose and stay for longer.

Renovation makes your property attractive to potential tenants or potential buyers. There is a lot of refurbishment and renovation that is doable with budget planning when you have the properties for sale or rent. Paying a little extra for an enhanced look will give you a raise in the monthly rental amount.