Reasons Why You Should Be Using Glass Cosmetic Jars

There is no shortage of beauty product packaging options today. There are so many choices when it comes to what kind of container to use for your new lotion, serum, or lipstick you’re introducing to the market.

Do you choose plastic jars, tubes, or bottles? These are all great options for holding your cosmetics and keeping them safe from outside elements. However, there are many pros to using glass bottles for your products. Here are some reasons why you should be using glass bottles for your cosmetics:

Glass Is Easy To See Through

Glass is a natural light source that lets you see your product inside. You can easily see how much product you have left with this container, which means you’ll be less likely to run out and need to go purchase more.

Glass Bottles Are Very Durable

Glass bottles are a tough and durable material that can last for years. They don’t shatter easily, which is perfect for storing cosmetics that need to be used with caution.

Glass Is Easy To Clean And Sanitize

Glass is one of the easiest materials to clean and sanitize. You don’t need any kind of special chemicals, just a little soap, and water. It also doesn’t stain or absorb any odors which is a huge bonus for anyone who wants their products to always be fresh.

Glass Doesn’t Absorb Odors Or Contaminants

One of the benefits of glass cosmetic jars is that they don’t absorb odors or contaminants from their surroundings. Plastic can absorb these smells and chemicals, which means they’ll end up back in your product. This will either make your product smell like the container it came in, or it’ll leave a plastic flavor on your lips, face, or hands.

Glass Holds Its Shape Well

The shape of glass bottles is also a big pro. When you’re using plastic containers, they will often bulge or distort over time. This can create problems when it comes to dispensing the product and keeping it safe from the outside. With glass, it will maintain its shape and look throughout the life of your product.

Glass Is Transparent So Your Product Is Visible

Glass is transparent and allows your customers to see what they are buying. Your product will be the focal point of the packaging, which is an advantage.

You Can Use Shrink Wrap On Glass Bottles

One of the best features of glass bottles is that you can use shrink wrap to seal the product. This will prevent it from getting damaged and keep it fresh for longer.

Many Different Types Of Glass Are Safe For Cosmetics

Glass is a great alternative to plastic containers because many different types of glass are safe for cosmetics. You can find low-density glass, tempered, and lead-free glass bottles.


Glass bottles are the perfect packaging for your cosmetics. Glass is a very versatile material that is safe to use and has many benefits. You will love how easy it is to use and care for glass.