COVID-19: Canada Emergency Business Account Update - DMCL

Those days are long gone when you have to rely on taking loans from others, just to help survive your small business during this pandemic. This isn’t the case right now. At this present moment, it is important to focus on the canada emergency rent subsidy program, that the government is more than happy to offer you with. The main goal of this subsidy program is to take care of the business’s rent and mortgage problems during this COVID, and provide them with the monetary service till June 2021. So, you will get covered for a pretty long time, to be honest.

Choose to get qualified first:

You can easily take help of this subsidy program but first, you have to get qualified for it. The steps are not that difficult. All you have to do is just log online, check out more about the services involved and then get help of the right qualification in here. You must know that simple steps are going to take a long way to help you survive your business. It is going to substitute the current Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program and that is a great change from the Canadian government for sure. There are some criteria to follow, but you have to wait for that list as of now.

Some added support:

Apart from the given rent and mortgage support, this program will offer some added support as well. These supportive roles are made available for all the property owners out there. So, their services are not just restricted for the smaller businesses in here. Businesses, on the other hand, will procure this Canadian Emergency Rent subsidy rent and even mortgage support based on sliding scale. There will be coverage of up to 65% of the current eligible expenses.