NEC Corporation Unveils Its Top 10 Strategic Drivers That Will Reshape The Smart Enterprise

NEC Corporation, a renowned name in Hotel Management Systems and solutions, has unveiled its top ten strategic drivers that will reshape the smart enterprise, which other organisations can benefit from.

Digital disruptions are being felt to varying extent in every industry. All stake holders; companies, their employees, and customers, are influenced by them in many ways. But the digital transformation also offers a unique opportunity to build social and business value as knowledge becomes a common asset, this is possible by digitally connecting people, devices as well as resources.

NEC Corporation is an Information and Communication Technology powerhouse with over 120 years of experience and expertise. Its Hotel Management Systems have made their mark with clients for offering effective solutions for their specific needs. But besides offering these top quality solutions, the company also believes in expressing its insights on latest trends and technologies for the benefit of other enterprises.

That’s why it has released its list of top ten strategic drivers that will reshape the smart enterprise. They include:

Pervasive connectedness, which is all about making staff omnipresent by enhancing their ability to work from anywhere.

Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS), which will gain further momentum this year. It uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and cloud to create simple and discrete services.

Cloud computing coupled with Edge Computing, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be in full force to make dynamic delivery possible.

Smart workspaces built around unified Communications and Collaboration tools will create the vital collaborative and highly interactive environment.

Customer engagement models will evolve due to smart enterprises. The aim will be to deliver connected customer experiences.

Blockchain technology, Quantum communications, Quantum Key Distribution and other solutions will strive to ensure strong cyber security.

Holistic business continuity will be the key for enterprises. They will rely on consistent communications and IT infrastructure that can self-heal in case of disruptions.

Smart Data Analytics tools will come of age with their applications expanding to making predictions about future events, behavior and suggesting ways to react to the predicted outcomes.

Augmented Intelligence, which enhances human intelligence rather than replacing it, will come into play.

Concerted efforts for digital inclusion will make people feel valued and enhance participation in society.

These top ten strategic drivers by NEC can help enterprises improve workforce efficiency and get many other benefits.

About NEC Corporation

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