Make the Most of the Planned japan Hokkaido tours

Whenever there is a discussion about Japan, the conversation revolves around Kyoto and Tokyo, if the topic is traveling. Although these two cities deserve the attention, the northernmost island of Hokkaido also deserves the focus. Agriculture is the chief pillar of the economy on the island. So you can expect the most delicious preparations along with farm-fresh produces every day. The delectable cuisine is as consistent as the various options of activities all-round the year. You can seldom have the experience of such ski slopes as in Hokkaido. The summer season here is also great, and you won’t face any discomfort if you are planning a summer holiday. 

Hakodate visit

The first port of the nation is at Hakodate, and it is the site for all foreign trading activities. That is why the international influence of the place is prominent. On taking a stroll through the steep hilly areas of Motomachi district, you can see many buildings of European pattern. The best part of the Japan Hokkaido tours is the moment when you see the entire city spreading in front of your eyes from Mt. Hakodate. The next spot is the bay, where you can check out the shopping center. It is actually the group of warehouses of red bricks. Buy the souvenirs to make the memories permanent. 

Sapporo visit

The japan Hokkaido tours are incomplete without visiting the capital of the island- Sapporo. The famous eponymous beer of the place and the incredible sculpture parks draw much attention of the foreigners. The regional cuisine is one of the finest, and you must try their soup curry and jingisukan, which is actually grilled mutton. Nijo Market is accessible from the downtown area. But for a better authentic experience, you must visit Jyogai Ichiba. The Sirohi Koibito Park is where you can see the confectioners preparing their bestselling cookies and snacks.