LaunchGood: A Guide on How to Start a Fundraiser

Crowdfunding has become a transformative force in mobilizing communities to support various campaigns or ventures through the collective contribution of small amounts of money.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the fundamentals of how LaunchGood, a leading crowdfunding platform, operates and how you can get started to make a meaningful impact.

How A Fundraiser Works

At its core, crowdfunding is about harnessing the collective strength of a community to fund campaigns or ventures. LaunchGood has become a trailblazer in this space, providing a platform where individuals can raise funds from a large number of people, primarily through the internet.

Getting Started: Activating Your Network

Start & Submit Campaign: Begin your journey by creating a campaign. Fill out the necessary information and hit “submit for review.”

Go Live & LaunchGood: Once approved, launch your campaign and start raising funds towards your goal. It’s your opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Remember, LaunchGood is there to assist you at every step. Their dedicated support team ensures that fundraising becomes a less daunting task.

What Could You Crowdfund? Explore the Possibilities!

LaunchGood accommodates a wide array of crowdfunding categories to suit your cause:

Flash Campaigns: Leave a lasting legacy.

Pre-Sales: Gauge demand for your product.

Technology Launch: Introduce your innovative product to the world.

Education: Rally your community behind educational initiatives.

NonProfit: Activate the community you serve.

Causes: Raise funds for what you deeply care about.

Arts/Creative: Unleash your creative projects.

Fundraising Dinners: Bring your dinner events into the 21st century.

Not sure if your campaign fits? Reach out to LaunchGood at for guidance.

LaunchGood Difference: Your First Choice for Crowdfunding

LaunchGood stands out as the preferred choice for campaign creators, offering:

Dedicated Support Team: Making fundraising less intimidating.

Offline Donations: Easily factor in offline pledges in your total raised.

Flexibility: Adjust your campaign’s duration and goal as needed.

Zero Platform Fees: No fees for anyone fundraising on LaunchGood.

Community of Supporters: Gain access to a caring community.

Be Part of the Story: Contribute to changing the narrative about Muslims.

Testimonials: Real Stories of Success

Shafath Syed from Hope Charities attests to the effectiveness of LaunchGood, raising three times more than with other platforms and emphasizing the value of personal coaching provided by LaunchGood.

Ready to make a difference? Join this community dedicated to change and make your crowdfunding journey a success.

LaunchGood is there to help. Discover the power of LaunchGood crowdfunding today.

Let’s get started on LaunchGood!