Know The Hidden Secret Of Shopping For Diamond Rings 


Nowadays, old-fashioned simple-looking rings have outdated. People are looking for something that catches the people’s eyes, which is possible when you have something flashy and catchy that pops out even from a distance.


Shopping for a ring can be both exciting and stressful, especially when a buyer is unsure what he wants. When you go for buying the right style for him or her, ensure the deal you are getting is the best for your money. The quality of the ring reflects the union between both. Shopping can be exciting during the wedding as love-birds have a chance of choosing the jewel of your dream.



As a man looking to surprise your girlfriend, or as a woman, going shopping to buy a diamond engagement ring is a secretive mission, you are anxious as you want to spend eternity with your partner. To be sure you are making the right choice, here are hidden secrets that will help you choose a diamond ring:



Browsing various rings can be appealing to some people who enjoy spending their days and hours doing it. For things to be easy, a buyer starts by identifying the type of metal, meaning you choose whether you want Gold, White gold, or silver. Choosing helps you to refine the choices made during engagements. The color will also influence the diamond’s appearance. 


Having a budget 

You should plan a budget as it is the money you are comfortable spending. Setting a limit is done before looking at the different available styles. Selecting rings is tempting since you can spend more than you have. Be sure to come up with an affordable specific number.


Online buying

When buying online, retailers offer a wide selection of diamond engagement rings as compared to retailers. The jewels are cheaper and are worthwhile to check out what they have to offer. Although retailers offer shoppers a comprehensive experience, buying online is better because of the variety offered.


Buying below whole numbers 

If you are looking to buy between a two-carat and one-carat diamond starring, you should buy a slightly below a whole number. It’s is either a 1.9 carat or 0.9 carats. Afterward, you can’t tell the difference between them and the other numbers and save some money.


Knowing the four Cs – Cut, Carat Clarity, and Color

When buying from Diamond Start Ring, you need to focus on the diamond cut rather than the carat size as diamond sprinkles because of the Cut’s type rather than the Carat size. A carat size will seem brighter when it is well-cut. The size of the diamond cut is also a measure of quality. When you go to the jewelry, try to buy the highest cut grade within your budget.


On deciding on the color, Diamond has different shades from a scale from D- Z. D is colorless, while Z is yellowish. If you require a more colorful diamond, the more saturated the color is, the more expensive it is.


When choosing the color, you can go down a little as no one will notice once your diamond is on the ring. 


When it comes to clarity, tiny black particles or white flecks which form over the years are regarded as imperfections when choosing them smaller, less visible, and fewer they are the more expensive the ring is. Choose a lower clarity to save on cost.


Diamond comparison 

Comparison is crucial since purchasing an engagement ring is a big deal. You should choose a site that will help you compare thousands of diamonds in a few seconds. A good shop is one where you can compare the diamond by color, price, carat, clarity, and cut. It should have the largest diamond star rings collections and also easy to use.


Choosing your shape 

The type of shape you chose depends on your style variety. These varieties include Cushion, Marquise, Asscher, Emerald Oval, and Round. If you prefer the stone shape that makes a stone look big, Princess should be your choice since it’s broad, has a flat-top and its pyramid in shape. 


When purchasing diamonds in the USA, Ice Mob is the mafia in getting hip-hop Jewelry, rare pieces known as bling. They are from using eighteen K gold and PVD that are plated (5X). The rings have a strong metal inside, plaiting done outside. Sterling has the purest alloy of 92.5% of solid silver that is the highest and most pure alloy, expensive and rare.


Ice mob also offers Cubic Zirconia known as CZ, made from crystalline materials that are flawlessly made colorless and hard. CZ has color flashes, durable, and has a higher clarity. The ice mob offers quality and durable products and has met regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission. They also have a hundred percent satisfaction products: don’t fade, break, or get damaged.



When deciding to buy a diamond, Whether it is to flash in public or for marriage purposes, you should visit the Ice Mob to have the best services.