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Monday, January 30, 2023

Insulation Removal and Insulation Installation – Getting Rid of Rodents Might Be the Best Way to Prevent Problems

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Many people wonder if insulation removal is necessary for their homes. Others think the old insulation gets worthless with age, but is insulation removal really necessary? To find out both answers and more, read on. Here are some great suggestions from expert insulation contractors dfw.

If it isn’t coming off, then insulation removal is not needed. Many times water damage will occur in a dry basement or attic and mold will grow there. This can be quite true, but why is attic insulation removal needed? This is such an important question that went into more detailed detail on what the costs are and whether insulation removal is necessary when it could still remain and all the benefits you could get from it. A more detailed explanation of what can happen if insulation is removed is included in the next paragraph.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that insulation removal only becomes necessary when the R-value of the wall is below zero. This doesn’t always mean that you will have to remove the entire barrier. Sometimes the contractor will just need to cut portions and discard the rest. Another reason that some walls may have an R-value that would make insulation removal unnecessary is if the home’s exterior walls were constructed of fiberglass. In this case, insulation would not have been required.

Before insulation removal can take place, an energy audit of the area needs to be completed. This includes a visual inspection of all cracks and crevices that may allow moisture or air to get in. Another inspection needs to be done using a device called a borescope that can detect any areas where wood and cellulose insulation meets. Any areas that have a high air quality will need to be sealed. Once air is removed, a pest inspection will need to be performed to determine what type of rodents may be living in the attic floor.

If the contractor discovers that rodents are living in the area, he will likely suggest that they be killed. The pest control company can then perform a non lethal spray that will dry out the rodent population. Other methods such as a heated drywall surface can be used to kill the rodents. If non-lethal methods are unsuccessful, insulation removal will become necessary. A qualified professional will be able to explain the process in detail to ensure that it is done correctly.

Once the insulation removal process has been completed, a new insulation can be installed in the attic floor. Even if the previous floor was not properly insulated, a new installation should provide superior protection against heat and cold. Contractors will usually recommend that insulation be installed between existing floors. To prevent future problems with the same issue, the contractor may suggest that insulation be removed entirely. Although removing old insulation may be the most expensive and inconvenient option, it is one of the best ways to ensure that there is no rodent infestation in the future.

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