Ingestible gastric balon and Its Uses

An ingestible gastric balloon is a small, capsule-shaped device that is placed in the stomach. It may remain there for six to twelve months and can be removed through a catheter. The procedure can be performed without anesthesia. If the balloon is punctured, it will leak blue or green colored liquid into the patient’s urine. Patients usually lose between 12 and 15 kg with this procedure.

The most important benefit of a balon gastrico ingerible is that it helps reduce caloric intake. Most weight gain comes from food volume, which exceeds our caloric needs. Because gastric balloons take up space in the stomach, they reduce the amount of food that can be eaten. They also increase the amount of “dead space” in the stomach.

While the ingestible gastric balloon is still in its developmental stages, it may be a viable option for patients who have failed to lose weight with other means. It can help obese people lose up to 10 percent of their body weight without the rigors of bariatric surgery. The ingestible gastric balloon can be placed on an outpatient basis, without anesthesia or an endoscopy. In most cases, the procedure is safe and easy to perform.

The benefits of an ingestible gastric balloon are numerous. Patients are generally able to eat less, feel full faster, and lose a significant amount of weight within a few months. Additionally, a gastric balloon can alter the hormones in the body that control appetite. Weight loss is not a guarantee of long-term success, but it is possible to lose more than 10 pounds in six months if the patient follows a healthy diet.

The Elipse balloon is an example of an ingestible gastric balon, which can be used to treat obesity without surgery. The balloon is placed into the stomach via a catheter, which attaches to a capsule. Once the capsule is inside the stomach, an X-ray is taken to make sure that the balloon is inflated correctly and is in the right place. Once the balloon has reached the right size, the catheter is detached from the balloon.

Another benefit of the Ellipse gastric balloon is that it does not require anaesthesia or endoscopy. The procedure itself requires less than fifteen minutes, and the patient can return to their daily routine almost immediately. The Ellipse gastric balloon is an extremely effective weight loss solution. It also requires no hospital stay, and patients can maintain their weight with an intelligent watch or scale.

The Elipse ™ Ingestible gastric balloon is a relatively new type of gastric balloon. Unlike the traditional balloon, it is ingested with water, so it does not require anesthesia or endoscopy. The ElipseGastric balloon is the first gastric balloon in the world to require no surgery. It requires less anesthesia than other gastric balloon techniques and can be placed in the stomach within five to ten minutes. Unlike the traditional balloon, the Elipsegastric balloon also reinforces the feeling of fullness, so the patient does not feel hungry in between meals. Patients have reported significantly greater weight loss than with diet alone.