Information on The Best CBG Flower Strains

What is CBG Flower or hemp seed? CBG cannabis flower is a Cannabigerol-rich, raw-grade hemp plant and is still a relatively new entrant into the marijuana scene. It has very little amounts of THC, which is the psychoactive component in marijuana. This means that users do not get high, rather they experience a relaxed state. However, because of its incredibly complex composition, only very experienced growers can harvest it without turning it into an illegal drug.

The Cannabigerol in CBG Flower has two types: one is with a binder and the other with an acid. The hemp acids are a fatty acid, which is responsible for the cannabidiol or what makes the drug relaxing. However, the binder is an alkaloid which makes the drug less dynamic. When THC and CBD are mixed, they lose their effectiveness by being reduced by the binder. Therefore it’s not surprising that the flower tends to have a bitter taste when consumed.

Despite its bitter taste, it is considered one of the most potent and efficient natural remedies for common ailments. The United States federal government has recently approved the cultivation and production of CBG Flower for medical use, with doctors prescribing it for those who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms associated with diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Even though the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse considers it as non-intoxicating, many experts believe that it may be a much safer and more effective alternative to medical marijuana.

Since it is both a medical and industrial product, producers of CBG Flower strains must ensure strict quality control, especially of the chemical contents. Some CBG cultivars are commonly crossed with other strains and chemicals to create new and unique products with high levels of CBD, THC, or both. Although experts are still unclear on the long-term effects, those who consume these high levels of CBD are reported to experience no side effects.

This is in stark contrast to the long-term use of medical marijuana, which has been proven to cause serious side effects such as severe nausea, lack of appetite, seizures, and even psychosis. Long-term use can also lead to the development of the substance muddled with other drugs in the body, leading to liver damage and even addiction.

Despite its advantages and popular demand, many companies are hesitant to grow, harvest, and export CBG Flowers due to their unpredictable quality level. This explains why only a handful of countries in the world export the substance, with the highest quantities coming from China. The best and flower strains are believed to be those which are deeply rooted in nature and contain high concentrations of cannabidiol, CBD, THC, and other important compounds.

The highest quality plants often go through a lengthy selection process to find the right combinations of essential chemicals. Some growers have also found hybrid varieties to be more efficient in growing conditions and yielding high quantities of CBD.