Increase your productivity and development through best analytics tool

The method of measuring the productivity of a team in an organization is changing over past years. There has been number of software developed to set the benchmark and evaluate the performance of the team member in an easier way. They are data driven methods which have given opportunities to the companies to make a sound decision on real data basis.

When you need to measure the output of your engineers in an effective way, data driven method are commonly used and Waydev is a new initiative in this regard. The major advantage of this is that:

  • Increase productivity: It helps in streamline of your product development; increase the productivity which ultimately results in improving the efficiency.
  • Great visibility: with the data driven method, the guess work comes to en end, you get greater visibility to administer the team with objective and useful data.
  • Rapid development: It reduces the engineering cycle time with greater understanding the real-time, thereby increasing the development rate.

There are number of players in the market with their own software of tracking the output of the engineers. Gitprime Pluralsight is also one of them. Waydev is the one which focuses on having a flourishing team. When you compare the two you can come to a point where you can choose which is most perfect for your team. Waydev has been important part of many trusted companies over the world in improving their overall performance and development. The four code metrics new work, legacy, help others and churn are very popular and appreciated by many. It is helping the engineers to train them and overcome from difficult issues. It is even useful to track the various aspects when new commitments are made.

It provides a structural design that is flexible that integrates the git platforms and extract the value of data.