Are you ready for some good news? Have trouble getting leads for your marketing campaigns? Good news, partner! It’s time to get back in the game and start generating fresh leads for your business again. SEO and digital marketing are still new to most businesses, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and confused. Here are some important qualities to look for in your seo leads.

Experience Required

When it comes to your SEO leads, experience is a key component. You want to be sure that the person you’re working with has the knowledge you need.

If you have a business just getting started in digital marketing, many things can seem overwhelming. This is why it’s important for your SEO leads to having the experience needed. They will be able to help you navigate this new world of marketing and set you up for success.

Another important quality of an SEO lead is communication skills. It’s not enough for someone to know what they’re doing; they have to have the ability to teach you everything they know and answer any questions you might have along the way.

You need someone who can communicate how they intend on helping your business grow, so make sure that’s a priority when looking for your next lead.


Another quality to look for in your leads for SEO is being proactive. This means not all leads are the same, and the people you need on your team will be proactively working to help themselves, rather than waiting for you to lead them. They are self-motivated and willing to do whatever it takes for their business.


Qualified leads are much better than cold leads and are more likely to convert into sales. You want to be sure the leads you’re getting are qualified, meaning they’re interested in your product or service. If you have a blog, make sure you’re adding a call-to-action in your content that prompts readers to do something with your business.

Offer them a free trial, offer them something for free, or offer them an even better deal than what they were looking for on your site. This way, when you get visitors to your site and offer them something in return, they’ll be more likely to convert. As long as you have qualified visitors coming to your website from search engines, it means that the SEO tactics you’ve been using are working and will continue to work.

The Right Fit For Your Business

Lastly, one more thing you need to do when looking for leads is to determine the right fit for your business. If you’re not familiar with the different types of leads, know that they can be broken down into three categories: inbound leads, outbound leads, and syndicated leads.

Inbound leads refer to the people who are already visiting your website or other online channels. Outbound leads are people who want to buy products or services from your company but don’t know about them yet. These can come in the form of cold calling, word of mouth, direct mailings, and many more. Lastly, syndicated leads are people who have subscribed to your content and opt in to receive regular updates from you.

By Mike H.