Ideas for Team Building Escape Rooms

Team Building is a great way to increase productivity and promote camaraderie. If you’ve ever had a boss that made you feel like you were an outsider, you know how much it can hurt your attitude and your sense of worth. 

It’s even more damaging if you’re a team leader who is trying to lead the team by example. There are a few things you can do to make your team-building session go more smoothly and help make the experience a success.

Before you begin planning your team bonding session, get together with everyone and come up with game ideas that will engage all of you. Consider what your team has the best ability to do and how they might be able to contribute to a solution. 

Don’t let ideas fall through the cracks-this can result in wasted time and effort on a task that will have no bearing on the outcome. Have a clear idea of the problem or subjects that you wish to address so that you can choose activities that address those issues head-on.

One activity that is often encouraged is a scavenger hunt. Organize some sort of treasure hunt, where clues are hidden and members of the group are given specific objectives. Each person is given a list of items that need to be found and must complete the quest to be eligible for a prize. 

Be careful with this one; it can become very difficult for a team to work together when there are differences of opinion regarding the course of action. Make sure that the list of objectives is easy to understand and that it doesn’t create unnecessary delays.

Another team-building Escape room perth option is to play a simple mystery. A group of people plays a group of suspects that are given several riddles to solve. This is an especially good option during a colder climate because it allows teams to get to know each other’s preferences and styles without being too invasive.

Another great idea for team building is to play a game of golf. Team members each receive a golf club and are told that if they hit the ball on the green they will get either a gift or a point. The goal is to get to the point and keep the golf ball in play until time expires. While it doesn’t have the spontaneity of a real golf game, this is one of the most fun team-building activities out there.

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to games and activities. The important thing is that you determine what type of team building will work best for your group. Don’t allow the task of finding the perfect activity to overwhelm you. Have fun with it! It will help keep your members engaged and excited about the work they are doing.