How to Save Money on Cigarettes

Finding cheap cigarettes can sometimes be a difficult task. This is because most cigarettes are very pricey. If you smoke even one pack of cigarettes a day, that habit only puts you back $2,100 per year or more. While it will not be easy to locate cheap cigarettes Australia, there exist ways to trim expenses without sacrificing quality.

The easiest way to locate inexpensive cigarettes in North Carolina is to purchase from duty-free stores. duty-free stores offer both brand name and generic cigarettes at low prices. While you may not be able to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day duty-free, you can buy a few cigarettes here and there. The average price of a package of cigarettes at a duty-free store is around fifty dollars.

The second method to save money on cigarettes is to avoid smoking altogether. Even if you do not want to give up cigarettes entirely, try to quit smoking for the sake of your wallet. If you smoke a pack a day or more, you should plan on spending around forty dollars a year or more. That’s because cigarettes are expensive. For the next twelve months, you can expect to spend around five hundred dollars on tobacco use rates alone.

In addition to the above, many North Carolina residents spend heavily on cigarettes during special times of the year. Christmas is a popular time for smokers to buy cigarettes. During the holiday season, smokers can buy cigarettes at significant discounts. Many cities and counties have a special cigarette tax during Christmas. Many residents spend more than twenty dollars on a pack of cigarettes in December.

Tobacco companies also increase their cigarette production facilities in the United States during certain seasons. January right before New Year’s is one of those periods when cigarette manufacturers produce more cigarettes to increase their market presence. January is typically one of the worst months for cigarette consumption. During this period, many cities and counties have a “smoker’s tax” or “tax the smoker” ordinance. These types of ordinances were implemented as a means of raising money for public health programs.

All of these factors add up to higher cigarette prices. But even with the increased cost, some smokers still choose to smoke. Smokers can save a lot of money by using online discount cigarettes. Online retailers like cigar bars offer free shipping and no taxes when purchasing cigarettes online. You can also buy multiple packs at a discount and save even more money on your cigarette purchases.