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Sunday, February 5, 2023

How to maintain an HVAC to reduce the costly repairs

The HVAC system is likely to fail if you don’t maintain it well. You will have to replace the air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump in such a scenario. To replace these damaged units is expensive. Their prices are not constant, depending on the brand, size, efficiency level, and features. If you want to reduce spending more funds to upgrade an existing AC, give it proper aircon chemical wash. It will serve you well for a long. The following are the basic steps you can use to ensure the efficiency of the HVAC.

  1. Clean the heat pump or the condenser

Outdoor heat pumps and air conditioners might get dirty. They will force the system to overwork to give the needed warm or cool air. When you clean the heat pumps and the condenser, you reduce damage to the internal features. There will be no debris on the sides and top of the air conditioner units and pumps. Use the garden hose on fins and ensure you get to the crevices. Check to see if the unit is level. If not, it’s easy for the refrigerants to disjoint. It can also lead to the breakage of the compressor and condenser.

  1. Filter checks

The common cause of air conditioner filter repair is dirty air filters. You need to change the filter to boost the efficiency of the air conditioner. It will also reduce the need for repairs. You should check the filters every month to see if they are dirty or clogged. The AC filter will freeze because of dirt which will cause water damage. To reuse a filter, clean it well and gently using a soft cloth. Add some water and mild soap. If it’s a non-reusable filter, buy a new one.

  1. Annual or regular expert checkups

A checkup is an onsite visit to the HVAC by a technician. He examines the system to make sure it’s operating under normal performance. A checkup can occur once in a while, depending on the needs at hand. They include Servicing of the HVAC, cleaning and inspecting all the parts. It’s an opportunity to ensure they are working to their level best.

  1. Drain line cleaning

An air conditioner takes up air from the moisture when it causes a cooling effect. The moisture then accumulates in the drain lines. With time, it will combine with dust and dirt to cause clogging in the drain lines. It will turn to be a habitat for mold and algae.

It’s vital to clean drain lines frequently. You remove the outer cover of the air conditioner to clean the drain lines using a piece of cloth. Rinse it well with vinegar and water mixture to get rid of any molds formed.

  1. Clean the outside unit

The outside unit needs cleaning because of the exposure to environmental factors. The factors include debris, dirt, and adverse weather conditions. Vegetation can also grow to prevent the outdoor from emitting air when covered. The leaves and branches can get into the outdoor. They can cause harm to the fan affecting its smooth operation.

  1. Buy a smart AC controller.

A smart AC controller or a smart air conditioner will help you check the usage history. You will also get alerts when the AC needs filter cleaning. Thermostats will detect if the AC isn’t performing well or the indoor air quality has a problem. You will be able to realize in advance if the HVAC is dying off.


It’s essential to have HVAC maintenance measures to save its lifespan. When you maintain your HVAC unit well, it will have few problems. You will have less hassle and unwanted costs.

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