How to grow foods in shortage of space during the corona virus pandemic?

If there is a shortage of space in the home for gardening, then here is the article that will help the person. In the outbreak of pandemic corona virus, growing of foods and vegetables at home will be necessary for d person. The utilization of the space should be done appropriately through the person. The size of the pots should be equal to the size of the balcony or garden for placing them. Different herbs and vegetables can be grown in containers beneath the surface of the earth. It will add flavor to the food and provide delicious food items to the person.

 In this article, essentials will be provided that will help in the growth of the food items in corona virus disease. For beginners, proper information should be provided about the seeds to be grown in the Experts advice in coronavirus pandemic grow your own food at home instead of buying from restaurants and other places. Here is the guidance for the gardener for optimum utilization of the little area for growing food and vegetables.

 Starting sowing of seeds in indoors –

 The following are the things that will help in the indoor growth of the fruits and vegetables for self-sufficient requirements of a person and their family members.

Light for the seed – There will be a requirement of light for the sowing of the fruits and vegetables. The availability of appropriate light should be there for healthy out coming of fruit from the seed. The placing of the pot can be near the south-facing window for direct sunlight. There can be the use of the fluorescent light to provide enough brightness to the plant. The placing of the LED should be above at the top side of the plant. The growth of the plant will be excellent throughout the process. Due to the shortage of space, self isolation gardening will be beneficial for a person.

Container for the seed – For the fruits in the pandemic, there will be a requirement for the vessels. The size of the box should be sufficient for the size of the seeds sowed in it. The hanging of the container can be done at any part of the house. It will be beneficial when there is a shortage of space for gardening in the house. The containers can be covered with plastic for protection from germs and bacteria. The seeds will get proper light from the plastic over the containers. 

Consistency in growing plants – In the coronavirus pandemic grow your own food at home is the best method for the eating of the herbal and natural food. The person should maintain consistency in producing food and vegetables. The water should reach the roots of the plant for obtaining healthy fruits and herbs. The Harvesting of the food from the crops should be with proper care. There is no harm to the fruits and vegetables in the containers in the pandemic.