How to Determine if the Duct Cleaner Did A Thorough Job

So, you hired a duct cleaner to work on your ductwork. How do you know they have done the work properly? How can you tell you have spent your money well? The best way is to conduct a visual inspection of the heating and cooling system. 

A clean up checklist should be in place prior to the cleaning process. You should show the duct cleaning contractor the checklist so that they verify all the cleaning points you have outlined. This checklist will be used when inspecting the complete work

Start with the most visible components of your system. Inspect each component to make sure there is no dirt or debris visible with the naked eye. Check the duct openings by removing the covers.  However, this is not enough and hence a thorough inspection is needed.

Post Cleaning Checklist

Show the Post-Cleaning Consumer Checklist to the service provider before the work begins. After completing the job, ask the Sandy Air Duct Cleaning provider to show you each component of your system to verify that the job was performed satisfactorily

All the questions on the checklist need to have a “yes”. This is the only way to ensure proper work has been done. It is hard following up on every component if you don’t have a way of knowing where to look. Have a document showing you where to look ensures you can check every area and not miss a sport

Wholesome Cleaning 

The service provider has to access the entire cooling heating and cooling system. The contractor should reach the drain pans, humidifiers, coils and pans. Apart from this, you should have the cleaner demonstrate that the plenums are adequately clean. The plenums are especially important since it is the space where supply or return air is mixed.

Further check the cooling coils. The best way is to shine a flashlight in the cooling coil. Make sure you see the light shining through to the other side. Another area to check is the heat exchanger surface. Is there any visible dirt? With the naked eye, it should be clean.

The structure of the components such as fins need to be inspected. The fins should be evenly spaced. The fins suffer damage when dust and debris accumulate on them. The cleaning contractor should clean and repair them.

General Functioning of the System 

Next on the check list is the blower and the plenums. Check for any visible dirt on them. Make sure the blower and return air plenum has no visible debris on them for easy flow of air. Make sure there is no moisture stains and contaminants. 

Check the metal ducts. The ducts are more prone to dust and debris accumulation on the surface. Pick random sections of the duct and inspect for dirt. Inspect the fiber glass also. It should be in pristine condition free from abrasions and tears.

Most importantly, run the system to see how it is functioning in general. Try out the different modes to see how it works