How To Create A Favicon And Add It To WordPress

With the proper use of tags and categories, speed up wordpress you can help both the search engine crawlers and web readers to browse and navigate different pages of your site quickly and easily. In simple words, categories make it super-easy for both the search engine spiders and web readers to find the content on your site.

When you switch from Blogger to WordPress, existing readers who are subscribed to your Blogger RSS Feed may be lost forever if they don’t manually subscribe to your new WordPress feed address (and most won’t). So you don’t need to worry about the quality of the service you will get from them.

They will not let you post ads or even let you do full customization of the design of your blog. Yes, you can actually start creating your blog for roughly around 30 minutes or less. This means you can’t afford to make silly mistakes while creating or using tags and categories on your WordPress site.

  • Thumbnail editing tools like crop, rotate or flip
  • Reviews around WordPress themes
  • Website speed may get reduced as all features get activated at once
  • If you’re not logged in, you’ll see a log in form in a new window. Log in now
  • Works with the premium plugin WonderPlugin Carousel to create a PDF carousel
  • Built-in caching system
  • Prevent search engines from following broken links
  • Multipurpose WordPress Theme

To get the most out of them, we bring you this blog post which will help you know more about WordPress tags and categories. Categories in WordPress help you organize all the related posts in a particular group. WordPress tags and categories play a crucial role in organizing your site’s posts properly. This encourages web users to explore more about your posts quickly and easily.