Heatmaps Software for eCommerce Websites

If you’re a retailer, you’ve probably heard about heatmaps software. These programs visualize customer behavior and pinpoint hot and cold spots in stores. The software uses standard CCTV cameras rather than thermal imaging or specialized camera systems, and they can be used in conjunction with other smart retail solutions like an inventory management system. For instance, heatmaps software can be integrated with a people counter to determine where to place items to improve traffic flow and increase sales.

The data from heatmaps can be very valuable for eCommerce owners. By using a sample of 1000 visitors to a website over a two-week period, they can identify what pages are driving traffic and converting visitors. They can also analyze color concentration to find areas for improvement. And because they provide a visual representation of visitor behavior, heatmap software is a great way to determine what areas of a website need improvement. Heatmap software is easy to use and offers a wealth of benefits.

Heatmaps software is a subscription-based SaaS venture that helps companies increase their conversion rates. Its dashboard gives you a quick overview of standard metrics and also breaks down traffic by device, operating system, browser language, and country. Using heatmaps software can give you the edge over your competitors. They provide insight into where visitors click and spend time, which helps you better optimize your website content. Once you’ve installed heatmaps software, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and increase your sales.

The next step in heatmap software is calibrating the blueprints. The program offers assisted and manual calibration options, which involve placing a blueprint over a satellite image and rotating or elevating the blueprint to determine the exact size of the blue print. Another feature of this heatmap software is its location browser. It’s a convenient way to see how far a particular location is from another. When calibrating, you can also check if the measurements were conducted indoors or outdoors, and whether they were accurate or not.

The capability of Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps to visualise the various access points that can be found on a network is yet another outstanding advantage offered by this programme. It provides a list of each item in a row, with information about that item provided in each column. The media access control address (MAC address) of the device is displayed, as are its signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, and security options. You are even given the option of specifying a period of time after which access points will be removed from the map.

If you would like to use Wi-Fi Heatmaps, you will need to ensure that the Bluetooth feature is turned on for either your desktop or laptop computer. Because certain GPS devices are able to wirelessly share their location data via Bluetooth, you can make use of those devices to collect the data you require. 

Those who have smartphones running Android or iOS can even use this functionality by downloading an application from the relevant app store. You can go to the websites of these companies if you would like more information regarding the operation of these devices.