Guide to buying eliquid

Riot squad is a brand of eliquid that is loved all over the world. But before you go around the vape shops to purchase an e-liquid, you need to understand some of the following things:

Key terms explained

  • MTL: It refers to the process of inhaling vapor in the mouth and holding it for a while before you inhale into your lungs. 
  • DTL: Inhaling directly in the lungs
  • Nicotine salts: It refers to a form of e-liquid which uses the salts that are found in the tobacco leaves to bring out a smooth throat hit. Without the nicotine salts, the e-liquids are known as freebase.
  • MTL Hybrid e-liquids: They  are the e-liquids which have both nicotine salts and freebase e-liquid.
  • PG: It refers to the Propylene glycol utilized in the e-liquid and it is known to be thinner as compared to the VG, creating more of a throat hit. 
  • VG: It is the vegetable glycerine which is slightly smoother, thicker, sweeter on the throat, creating larger clouds of the vapor. 
  • Short-fill: It is a large e-liquid bottle that has no nicotine. There is normally a space that you will get at the top of the bottle for adding a nicotine shot. 
  • Nicotine shot:It refers to a small bottle which is normally with no flavor, a type of e-liquid which can easily be added to a short-fill.

Choosing the right strength of nicotine

According to scientists study done by Jacques Houzec, the scientist spent quite a lot of time helping smokers and training vape shops so that there was a switch to vaping. As per his experience, most vapers tend to choose the strength of the nicotine which is weak to theme so that they can switch successfully. You have to remember that, the nicotine level on the maximum that is allowed in the UK is 2% or 2mg which is too lower as compared to the 5% which is sold in the USA by JUUL and the likes. 

So if you happen to be smoking 15 to 20 cigarettes in a single day or even more, you might be best if you started with the strongest eliquids that you can come across, which is normally about 18mg that is contained in 10ml bottle. 

If you are a smoker who does less, or you prefer cigarettes that are mild or light such as Silk Cut, then you should drop down to 1.2% or 12mg, but if you happen to find that the vaping thing is not working for you, you will need to go for a vape that is high in nicotine strength. Generally, you ought to start with higher nicotine level for the best results, although most vaper drop gradually the strength with time.

Vape juice for a throat hit that is strong 

Cigarettes are known to be harsh on the back of your throat, and many people tend to miss that when stopping to smoke. If you are out there looking for a replicate of the throat hit, you will need to start on the e-liquid that has a lot of propylene glycol.