Feminized and Autoflowering Jack Herer Seeds and their Effects 

Jack Herer seeds are popular among marijuana growers because of their high yields and effects. The strain gets its name from the famous Marijuana activist Jack Herer. The seeds are popular among many growers due to their short flowering period and the level of highness the strain provides to the body. The strain helps boost focus and creativity, just like its creator wanted.   You can buy jack herer seeds on sale as flowering and feminized types. Thus, before you make purchase, it is good to understand the two so that you can make an informed buying decision.  Let’s look at both of these types and then look at the effects Jack Herer seeds have. 

Feminized Jack Herer Seeds 

These seeds are of high quality that is gained after a long duration of doing improvements. When you plant Feminized Jack Herer seeds, you do not only expect high yields but you also get highly delicious buds. These seeds contain both Haze and red skunk genetics you can recognise in looks, growth and effects.  They produce buds with potential fluffy look since they are compact and are covered by resin. The buds also have beautiful orange brown hairs that make them even look more delicious. Another aspect is that the buds have a fresh earthy pine like taste and smell that will invoke you sense. After just a few kicks, you can expect to get the highest you want to attain in a nice way. You will get long lasting intense high feeling, but you will still be able to do your normal tasks. The highness you get from the feminized Jack Herer seeds is pure and energetic. 

Since its development the strain has been a choice of many people. It is still at the top of the most sought out marijuana strain for both smokers and growers.   The great thing is that the feminized type has the same effects like the original Jack Herer seeds.  With its high THC content and vast formation of resin covering even its branches it is a seed you cannot resist as a grower or smoker. The high quality boasted by this strain is a result of a long period of enhancement and this is what you get when you grow and consume its luscious buds. 

Autoflowering Jack Herer Seeds 

Jack Herer autoflowering seeds have a unique genetic and is one of the strongest autoflowering varieties. These seeds have high amount of sativa that makes it to provide powerful and fasts smash effects once you consume them. Besides, the strain also has the physical properties of indica such as fast growth, abundant and dense structure. 

There are several smokers and growers who like these seeds. The strain is also a hybrid of red skunk and Haze. The seeds demonstrate all the qualities of hybrid plants from the time you plant until the harvest time. The female and male variety of these plants are healthier and special. You will find them with wide leaves that look strong. The female specials of this strain have a gentler flavor which make you feel as if you are flying slowly when you are in the room. 


Why Jack Herer seeds are loved by grower and smokers 

Most of the experienced marijuana farmers have tried Jack Herer seeds and love the strain that results from them. It is worth keeping in mind that this strain won the marijuana world cup in 1995. One of the things that make many people fall in love with this strain is the look of the plant. It has C shaped leaves and is indica dominant. It has high amount of THC and this makes it look as if it is covered with stalked glands. Smokers who use it feel high. The major difference between this train and the others you will find in the market is that the high feelings usually last for long hours. This makes the strain a great option to use for medical purposes. 

Has memorable taste

One of the factors that most smokers and growers consider before deciding on the seeds to plant is the taste of the resulting strain. Jack Herer seeds take between fifty to fifty five days before they flower. The plants grow to a height of around a hundred to one hundred and fifty centimeters. In a single square meter, you should expect to get around 400 grams. The strain has THC content of about 15 to 20 percent. This strain has a good smell and a memorable taste. The Haze characteristics of the original plants is kept alive and its 50 percent of the strain that is haze. Haze takes almost half a year to flower and this duration is drastically reduced in Jack Herer. 

THC level is high 

One of the things you need to know as you buy jack herer seeds on sale is that they are not cheap when compared with other varieties. This is as a result of its exceptional smoking effect. It has instant effects to your brain. Once you smelt it you feel your brain refreshed within no time. Users feel more energetic and feel visually improved. The effects are long lasting and this is what makes it a choice for many smokers. It is possible to see the THC levels on the plant. You will find crystals on the leaves, stalks and the stem of the plant. Besides, there is red colour on its buds that make it more appealing. Another thing you will note is that each of the plant looks distinct. The plant will grow up to a height of a hundred inches; therefore growers are advised to tame them to manage the height. 

Feminine Jack Herer Seeds offer medicinal value

Jack Herer Seeds feminized seeds have huge effects in this marijuana strain. The strain is viewed as having high level medicinal value. There are several diseases can be cured by taking this strain. Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues can use Jack Herer strain. This is why you will find many dispensaries administering it for medicinal purposes. However, you have to take in the right amount to get the desired results.