Everything you need to know about cat trees

Pet trees, cat tree houses, and kitty apartments are all different names for the same thing. They satisfy the urge of a cat to sleep, itch, claw, play, and discover. They usually are simple to put together and take up little room in the corner of your house or apartment.

There are so many different kinds of cat maine coon cat trees manufactured from so many different fabrics that shopping for cat furniture can be overwhelming. The designs, the material, what size you should buy, you must take care of that. Your Maine Coon needs a bed and bedding to call his own. He also has a wide range of toys to entertain himself. He’s not only having a lovely time; he’s still keeping in shape. So you must take all the care before buying any Maine coon cat trees.

Tips for finding the best cat tree

Be certain that the measurements and scale are correct for each cat. At least one scratching post, platform, and sleeping area are needed.

Determine the maximum weight that the cat tree can withstand. Only keep in mind that the greater the weight load, the less risky the tree is likely to be. Your cat would most likely be bouncing on it all the time, rather than ever laying on it.

Furthermore, not only will your cat be joining in the game, but your dog and child will also join in on occasion. Of course, you don’t expect it to happen, but if it does happen by chance, you don’t want the tree to break. You may even find a pair of cats playing on it at the same time.

The scratching post is critical and can do its job well. Your kitty should bring it to good use, and it should be happy with it. Sisal rope is the kind of material that must be used to cover the post. Don’t use an oiled cord in certain circumstances. Also, a thicker rope would certainly be more comfortable for your pet than a thinner one.

Only high-quality materials can be used to make a cat tree. Since there are so many different varieties, finding the best one for your cat can be difficult. When making your decision, be certain that you are buying a product made from real timber.

Wood that has been handled can contain harsh chemicals that threaten your pet cat. Furthermore, avoid using nylon material and stick to olefin carpet. Don’t bother buying something with fake fur or flannel because your cat’s scratching would easily destroy it.

The Final Verdict

Be sure you find a solid cat tree that can withstand your cat’s weight without falling over. Placing games and treats on the tree is a good way to get your cat used to it. You can place the tree in a well-used area of the house, such as the living room or dining room, or anywhere the majority of the family is when they are at home.