Dr Bruce Grossinger: Some Common Causes of Stress Among Today’s Adults

Based on a report by the American Psychological Association (APA), certain adult percentages are experiencing some common symptoms of stress everyday. So if you’re getting into some extreme stress, then go see your doctor right away.

If not, Dr Bruce Grossinger believes that there are things you can do yourself to reduce your levels of stress – right before they become much worse.

Financial Problems

Financial stress is when you don’t have the money to pay your bills, or even just to buy some basic stuff. So if you’re currently having financial issues of any kind, then you should get the best money help immediately. If left unchecked, then financial stress can eventually lead to depression or anxiety in some cases.

Relationship Issues

If have been experiencing a pretty stressful relationship of any type, then you always have to understand the different ways in which your partner’s behavior and actions might give you enormous stress. Relationship problems can actually come from a lack of trust, communication problems, and various conflicts between partners.

To effectively deal with relationship issues, you need to be open about what’s bothering you, just don’t take most of the things personally, and don’t argue with your significant other – especially when you’re intensely angry.

There Is A Lack Of Time

While most adults all have 24 hours a day, many of them still feel like they don’t have enough time needed for them to get everything done, resulting in intense feelings of usually work-related stress.

This overwhelming feeling can come from many different factors, like having too many tasks on your plates at once (multitasking), as well as not prioritizing your tasks. Some adults tend to allow themselves to get distracted by unimportant things instead. Also, some adults tend to not delegate their work responsibilities when appropriate (or even hiring help).

Certain Health Problems Or Illnesses

When you don’t feel well, it can pretty hard to cope with even the simplest of tasks, such as getting out of bed and going to work. Stress can also affect your immune system negatively, making you more susceptible to catching colds and other simple illnesses. Some health problems that cause stress include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer type.

Job Security And Unemployment

Everyone knows today that the job market is getting more competitive. But it can be especially stressful for the unemployed ones, who feel like they don’t have a secure job position. So if you’re looking for a new job, or just feeling uncertain about your current work, there are some ways according to Dr Bruce Grossinger to manage your stress and job well.

For one, you can talk to someone about what’s going on with your job – whether a close friend, family member, your therapist, or other professional counselor. These people may be able to help you sort through your stress and work-related feelings. Besides, they might even have some unique and effective ideas about how you can improve things at work!

Other than that, you can also take some time off from work. This is because sometimes, taking a break from stressful work situations helps you regain a better perspective. After doing so, you can finally return home again refreshed later on for the next work days.