Car Service: What Is It, How Often Is It Done

Caring for a car can be a confusing topic if you are unfamiliar with the subject. You will have many opinions from friends, acquaintances, or family about keeping your vehicle in good condition, but they are not always correct.

One of the issues that cause drivers the most fear is when they should service the car, as it is when many workshops take advantage of customers by increasing prices and doing bad jobs.  In this note, we tell what a basic and intermediate service for slide cars Sukhaphiban 5 (รถสไลด์ สุขาภิบาล5 which is the term in Thai) consists of, how often they are performed, and their cost their cost based on the market average.

What Is A Minor Service?

Also known as ” tuning,” this consists of a review and maintenance of essential points for the correct operation of our car, which generally involves a replacement of spark plugs, oil, oil filter, gasoline, and air and washing of the throttle body. In some cases, some workshops will include changing the brake pads and rectifying the brake discs.

How Long Does The Minor Service Take?

Imagining the ideal situation of arriving at the workshop and not having people in line, this service should not take more than a couple of hours to perform. Since most of these parts are easily accessible, spare parts are on hand, and their assembly is relatively quick.

How Often Should You Perform A Minor Service On Your Car?

Everything will always depend on the use, but it is recommended to tune our car every 10 months or 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. If you start to notice a significant loss of power, engine “rattle,” strange noises, or unusual things, go immediately.

If you do the repairs in a certified workshop, ask for a guarantee on the work carried out, which should cover the first months of the work in case of a fault.  Compare the prices of various places and pay attention to the recommendation of those close to you who have already done this process.