Benefits of stripe bank account

The stripe bank account is a banking service API that allows you to integrate financial services into your online trade or platform. Allow your clients to retain funds, make payments, collect interest, and monitor cash flow with only one integration. It is an all-in-one package.


Stripe bank account gives you the building blocks you need to create a fully functional, flexible financial service for your clients. We’ve collaborated with international banks to provide ACH and wire transfers, interest-bearing accounts, and speedier access to payments cash, all from within your system.

How to create a Stripe bank account

With a single API call, you may form an account. onboard members, verify their identities and set up an account with any one of our bank providers.

ID verification: Stripe may need to seek extra evidence to authenticate the persons associated with a Stripe account if we are unable to validate your identification automatically.

All papers must be submitted in their entirety. Both the front and back of a driver’s license or identity card are considered full documents.

A passport’s complete personal data page

Documents in the.png or.jpg format can be uploaded

KYC verification: Know Your Customer is the process of confirming your clients’ identities before or while they begin doing transactions with you. The word “KYC” also refers to bank customer identification verification processes that are regulated to assess and manage client risk. The KYC procedure is also a legal obligation designed to prevent money laundering.

Sanctions screening: Financial Institutions (FIs) use sanctions screening as a control to identify, avoid, and mitigate sanctions risk. Screening must be part of a comprehensive Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) program to aid in the detection of sanctioned persons and organizations, as well as unlawful activities to which financial institutions may be vulnerable. It assists in identifying areas of possible sanction concern and in making compliance risk selections.

MATCH list verification: The MATCH List is a high-risk retailer blacklist that many firms use to stay away from merchants who are likely to give them problems. Mastercard maintains the list, which is widely used in the payments sector.

Create a better experience for your clients

You can swiftly enroll consumers in your new product after integrating via Stripe Connect, and you can depend on Stripe’s worldwide infrastructure to allow speedier money transfer between accounts.

Seamless onboarding and verification

Stripe bank account uses the same tried-and-true procedures as Connect to get people up and running quickly. Stripe takes care of identity verification to fulfill KYC and compliance standards while also increasing conversion rates.

Faster access to revenue

Stripe Treasury works with Stripe Payments to provide you more control over how quickly money flows through your platform. Stripe allows you to support quicker money transfers, allowing your clients to access their payments more rapidly.

Smarter financing

Stripe Capital offers end-to-end loan APIs for platforms, allowing you to give funding to your clients to help them expand their businesses. When used in conjunction with a Stripe bank account, you’ll get a more full view of your clients’ financial profiles, making it simpler for them to acquire the appropriate loan at the right moment.